Friday, May 4, 2007

He's there

Please dont give jsut not yet
I need tell you jsut a few things
Some one made
He loves you and cares about you
He mad nowing you would or owoudnt rejeckt him
He mad you in his imag
He acares aoubt you more thne any one wever cousel
He lvoes you more thne youve ever know
And yet me seem blind yo the fact that he's ther
We seem to forget he loves us and cares
We see tyo foget we were mad in his image
We forget he's there
He's always there for us no matter what
He made us with a plane and perpose
WE cna run fomr him but hhe'll stil lbe ther
We cna slamme the door on him
But when we come witrh tears down our face he is there
He alwas loves
he always cares
He's there
We foget so often that he cares and that he;s ther
We ofget he loves us nad will wlaywas exept us
We can hate him
We cna agrrivated with him
Necvver will he be agngrey with us
Never will he not love us
I asay these things to you to mabey give you ahope
I tell you this to show you omeone cares
It;s seems ometimes in liefe that were alone and one cares
Were never alone and he cares
I telel you this so that you know the days im a bad friend thers one better way better
He naver has bad days he alwyas loves you
I tel lyou this so that you knw when fel llonly and lost he's ther
He loves he cars
When fel lthere hope adn there no futer there is
He cares hope and he has a futer for tyou
I tell all of this so you dont foget that wheni m the worst friend in the world thay he is there nad he cares what you say and love you

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