Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm not

I'm not your funny friend
I'm not the friend you come to when al you wnat ot do is lagh.
I'm not the friend you see laghing till l they cry
You wont see me gigil till my stomic herts
I'm not ticklis wich runis all your fun
And not laghing comes esily
Seriose is what i do i can find it in any of your jokes.
I might not be all that but mabety im this
I'm that friend that you can call at 2 in the morning and ill ltka to you even if you hung up on me 3 times earler that day
I'm that friend whos not going to make jokes aobut you hwne your not around
I'm that friend who will stand up for you
I'm that friends who will look at you and yull get so uncofertable cosue you i=know i knwo what most of your loockes mean
I'm that friend wh oi s ok with you crying and wont lagh at you for it
I'm that friend who's goign to try not to let you down even tohugh i probley already ahve
I'm that friend who wnats to be there when you wnat to tlak and willl try there best to
I'm that friend who will ask you how your day was adn do oyu want to ltak aoubt it no matter how mena times you push me away
I'm that friend who isnt wored aobt that others think but will hit some one for slandering agents a friend
I'm not that frined that lets you easily forget aoubt you life. I'm no one who will sit for houres adn lisne yto you tlak aovcue i care.I wont let you slip away. I'll try my best not to be ajerk and do evertihing i sadi aobve, but then nagen im jsut hummen. Ill mes up and some days it wil hert to be pushed awya. I'm ok with the heurt cosue i knwo it will come some day and I'm ok with being pushed awya cousei knwo it;s you.

(i relay dint kwnow aht's up with this post cosue i most likly arent any of thos things so yeah)

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Jesusfreak said...

Your the one whose always there when I need someone to listen, your a trustworthy friend, and I couldnt ask for better. :)