Monday, October 8, 2007

A little longer

YOu ahdn lsieds arcoss my shoudl fomr another godbye hug
ADni wnat ot hol d on tight
Cosue idont want to mkae you go ohme otnhigh

I want to keep that hug
Not let go
ADn elt oyu knwo
I Care aobut you

I wot wnat to let go
I want to hold you in theis hug jsut a litle longer
I dont wnat you to leeve

I kwnowaht waists for you
AD i wnat to ceep you fomr it
I jsut want to hold on a ligtlte longer

S o lets let tihgs hug last a little longer today
LEts jsut sntad ehr for a seondc adna dn fel lhe warm impbrace
SO meabey otngiht you;ll rebmer that like i rmeber oy u

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