Thursday, March 29, 2007

Her smile files that spot. Oh how often i see the smile. I have never see the tears. The smile covers the tears she dosent want me to sey. Dosnet she know i see past the smile. DOsent she know that i see past her smile an her perfect life to wht is relay goingon. DOsnet she know her face rher eyes tell it all? why odes eh hid it from me? She trys o play that mas. I'm sorry it dosent work. She trys to hide the pain but i see it in here eyes. Wil i have th guts to ask and have the guts to know im ight get stuh out. What if iget shu out agen? will i be able to ahnadle it ? I dont know if iwill be able to. Why dosent she know i care? Why dosent she know im there? DOsent she see my open arms? Dos'n't se see me open ears? GDOes she know i care? COSue I do. DO's she know i lvoe her couse i do. Doe sshe nto see how much she efects me? DOes hse not know how much a care about her? IOdont ahve the guts to tell tell her to tel lem and let me know oh no oi would bnever say that. What do i do to let her know? I dont know. I hope she knows icare. I hoep she knows she menas someithng to me. relay hope so.

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