Thursday, March 29, 2007

she runs

She runs a 1000 miles expeting no one to falow but i do . She ran 2000 miles thot i woudnet she thoguht it was tofair,little did she know i was run my hardest and fastest wheni rech the spot she is sting i seey thre butiful view. frOm beinhingd she looks fine she looks lik hs ebolongs wright ther she fiss wright in butiful. As she turens to llok at me isee someithg u never othught i would heve face is tear stnad. hEr shirts has drops of stans form ehr tears. I llok and she donset yell for em to run bak or to hid her face for se simple pats the set next ot e telliong me to come and sitnext to her. I come adn sit as she requested as a sir her head lesn on to my shoulder i can herar her cry adn fell the ters fallkoweign to my sohulder. I sit woundering what to say and fidnd the words i looked for. "God loves he has a plane in all of this he cares and nknows wht he's doing. She turns and jsut looks at me for a long while she jsut stares at me . Ad thne her mouth open se tells me wrght wrong she tells me wahts bene herting she tlels how bad life has been and how ever on walked out on her. I remind her she still has gOd. I give my two sense and thne i prayt forher. Butnnot yet she's not read to g pake yet so wwe stil sit jsut siting there looking at the view. SLowley she's read to g obakc we walk slowing to not head back to her life to quicley i dont wnt her to run agn but if she does ill falow.

nO that is not a true storry or anytihng. It's osmetihng i tohught of. I wnat to be that friend i realy do. THe one who falow you as fare as you and sit thare and etempt to confert you. Irelay wnat ot e that friend and hope icna be.

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