Saturday, April 7, 2007


You some home today, and I don't know how fell about it. I mean I want you back don't even dot that. I relay want you home today i have waited all week for this adn this is the happiest i've been all week, but is it selfish of me to want you back so soon. I mena i want you back, but is it the best thing for you? I mean is it better for you to be gone or for you to be here? rleay dont know. I mean there are so mena things her that you could go with out. There are so mena hard things here that you could esely do with out. I wnat tot lwka to you and ask oyu how you've been it's hard with out ypu around, but is that whats best for you. Is it relay best for you to come back. I don't knwo if it is or isn't. I wnat whats best for you, i want what will be best for you and is that comeing back. Is that the best thing for you to ocme bakc or would it be better to stay away i relly dont know if it is. is it best for you to come back?

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