Wednesday, April 4, 2007

will you go with me

I'm going to run, will you go with me
I'm read to jump, will you go with me
I'm stiken tired of this liefe, what aobut you?
It realy just stinks and your gone now who am i to talk to ?
I'm jsut tired of being lied to hoew aoubt you?
I'm tired of being hert how aoubt you?
I'm tierd of being let down, whata aobut you?
I realy don't like tihs your not here who can i tlak to ?
I'm tired of being me, how aobut you?
I'm tired of all of this, how aoubt you?
I'm jsut tired of life, what aobut you?
It's hard being me and i realy want to let go
No ones her to stop me no one even cares
No one even lisens and popeple jsut like lyeing to me
Why does tihs happen?
Why nca 't i have the perfect life like ever one els?
Why does this alwyas have to hert?
Why wen it ehrts it fells like no ones around?
No has even talk to me adn asked me how I'm doing?
don't thay know it herts.
Why me?
why cna't t all jsut stop herting ?
why nca t it all jsut be perfect? like ever one els

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