Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Im intimidating
Im intimdating?
Wat what?
why me?
When did i become intimidating?
Im not over ley smart
or overly strong
I cant et straight A
I cnat life 1,000 pounds
Me intimidaitng how?
You're looks
the ones i readwith that i intimidate thie
ME littlold me
Well yes i read you're looks
I'm not always write
Well yes i try
Well no not always
I me?
How cna this be?
I'm that scarey
I intimadet
wHy me?
I never ment to
I never tryed to lear to read yo're looks.
I never evne tred to do this
I never took a clas or sat for houres waching others
I jsut i jsut picked it up
IT's intimidating
It scares you
I scare yo me?
I am no one
I ma not a perons who is even important
I a not overly smar
Or overly strong
SO how did i become so intimidating?

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