Sunday, December 21, 2008

NIm good at nthnig but one thing
I seced at nothign alway exept one thing
My intest are never to acheve
But someon howi alwas stumble across acheving
My hope is never to do but some now ialwy do it
I never want to
but i do

N matte rhow hard itry to fight
THe sicses alway ungolds me
Always pules me into misery
It always has to win
It always has to be wright
IT alway siced

No matter what i do
I alwy and alway will
No matter how hard itry
I alwas do and always will

And tongiht i will bat my slef
I willl batle mysife form the inside
And try to deffet me
But no matter how hard i try '
I will always hurt you

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