Thursday, August 6, 2009

I knew it would happen
I wished that for once i oculd domsoenitf wrifht
and it didint happen
i saw my serlf driving on sunday
but no not any more
i failed thats all ther is to it
I made a stupid stupid mistake and i cant bolev ei did that
I was stupid
and itotice
Im an ideat
Adn i cant boelve that i did sucha thing
I got cokey
I sohuld hav eknow
Now ido ill fial next wekke two i know that much
Im not trong unuf
I msmart unuf to knwo that
No one souhld say idnfnret
cosue illl fight thme to the death
not sure why im evne tryign out
but i am
i lvoe soccer
but know that th last time i tepped on a field and last itme ill ever step on a field was psa
Tired of me
Tired of failing
Tired fo life
wont kaw the play
LEt add that to the lsit
Wish i coudl do better
But cant
Live a pathtic life
Am pathetic

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