Friday, August 7, 2009

I sohuld tell you i sohuld tell you

Ever wish you coudl say waht you need to
see ei find my self hiding
hididng all emtion all fealling
I hide anytihng that mkes me human
I dont wnat ot ltkato people so idont
Im sure if wiant edt o tlak
THere are plentey around to talk ot
But i dont wna t to
I wnat to stay whare i am contant
In a world whare i tell my self that it iwll be ok
And i make my self feal better
In a place i nthkim safe
But realy i make tihngs wrse
See imade a mworld for my self
Whare i ahve control
THere are things i cnat aviod thoguh
Like the fact that i feal physical pain
Im jsut cures as how i was walking wrong for so lpong and no dr ever noticed
Now i ahve to cortrrect it
MAn im use to that
Fixiing my mistaxes
I make thos alot
I jsut wish people would stop lblaming them self
If iwant to talk i will
Boelve me im harde head unuf that you cant stop me
But i dont wnat to so wont

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