Sunday, September 27, 2009

I see
You tihnk i dont
But i do
I see everthing you dont wna t me to
I knwo the things you wish ididnt know
I dont try
I jsut do
I see it in ypur eyes
I see thos moments when you want to hit me
I see the moments you jstuw antt o tell me
I see the momsent you jstu want tme to hold you
And truth be todl i wish you wodl sjtu say
I wish you owuld jsut hit mw
I wiahs you owuld get angree with me
I wish you owuld hit me and be angree with me
I wish you would
Truth be told i jsut wishy ou owuld tell me
THat oyu odnt wantot ltk
THat you cont truths me
THat you dont want to
THat you cant
TRuth be told i jsut want you to jsut ahnd g on to me
Truth be told i would jsut hold you
TRuth ebe todl soem nights i widh you were there
Beocuse sotmesim its nice to know someone esl is there
Somtesim i jsut want to lay my head on you
And sjtu stay thre
somedays iwish to jstu b ehled
Some days i wihs to cry
but non shall happen
Nothing will happend
For i am me
I no longer cry
I know btter then to want
I knwo better thne to wish
So tongiht i do not wish
I do not hope for
And i knw my wants will never be true
I knwo btter thne that
And iknwo me
And i know that thi i is how it will always be

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