Monday, January 11, 2010

You know why i tlel people not to appoligis. Couase it dosnt matter. THey will do the exact soemthing to me tommarow. SO why why sohuld they apoligs wahts the piont if youre jsut goignot do it agne tomamrow does that relay mean there truly sorry? People appoligis but can they relay mena it wehn day after day they do the same thing to me? Oh and pet peve dani i sitll love you like im the one who did soemtihng wrong. Like crap you still love me dont give my that you dont care aoubt me you dont love me. YOu treat me like crap like dirt like the skum of the earth and thne you aks me how are you soopst o trust me? I go though th same thing ever single day with you. HAy cani can you help me with osmeinth sure what is is you rtlel me your problum thne no matte rhwat i say its wrong. YOu get pissie. THne i get pissed ocuse im tired of all this friken crap. thne dani isitll love you.
Dont tle me you lvoe me
Dont tell me sorry
Dont tlel me you care
Beocues you ont
I see it in ur eyes
YOu dont look out for me
YOu dont carea obut me
YOu lvoe not waht i am
But what you maid me
You only look out for oyu
Adn i am in the cold
THe rian poring donw on me
COisue im always holding the unbral for soemone els
And you have ripped it fomr my hands
So i slowly die aorund you
And all oyu can say is
I have done wrong
THne you care
aDns till love me
You never loved me
YOu never cares aoubt me
OYu cared aoubt you
Adn you loved waht yoi maid me
Not who i am
So stop appoligs
Stop fakeing caring
ADn stop loving the fake
Beocuse i know the truth

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it wasn't meant for me, but I know that I say it too many times for it to mean anything to you anymore. If you're ever angry wtih me for saying it, just say it to my face. I need to hear it.