Saturday, May 23, 2009

How do you tell some one?

How do you tell somneone all they ahve done fory ou? How do you tell somone that there are so meany days they'ev saved you;re life? and they didnt evne know it. How do you tell thme that with out knoinw they kept you;re heart beating? that there are so menay times oy uwnated to give up but then they came time midn and you dcoudns you just coudnt. How do you tell thme they make you smile al lthe time? That life can stink on ice but they make you laugh evne when you;re having the wordst day. How do oyu tell soemone that there hugs are pricless? THat when you get a hug fomr them soemithng in oyu jumps adn you jsut feal contant and for a moment like in tohs arms you could cry adn it woudnt matter. How do you tell someone how confterable they make you feal aorund thme> THat they can fall asleep on oyu nad you would usly be so tense thhat ever msucel in you was rock hard but when they do you see it as nothnig at all and jsut smile a little. How do you tell someone that they make you feall safe. You cant explane it but for someoe reosn they mkae you feall ike you cna jsut drop the maks and be ok. Why is that one perons can help so much and do os much and not even know? How are you sops to tell thme? How are you sopos to let thme know? AMbby this is jsut it justr write it. Thease words though dont do it jsutstins thes words thoguh will never elt thme know, Man the'll probley read this and think its not thme. IF knew tohugh waht they do when there around me how mcuh they ahve fdone for ame adn helped me they'ed diny it all becouse they think them self not that grand. But the truth is they are..........

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