Saturday, May 16, 2009

What iwould vleo to tell my mom

Mom i ncat boleve you
I caont boelve yudid this
You volated my privacey
You crossed the line
I dont give a care if you say it is what was best for me
You dont care You dont
so dont give m e that junk
Dont tell me tyou care you dont
Dont you get it
I didnt trust you befor
/YYou ware strating to get it back
And you crossed the line
And so help me if you ever i men ever
Read my my ims agen
I will get up out of this house adn leave
And i wont come bakc
I dont ask you fpor much
I dont expect you to love me
or hug me
ir evne give a care
Al ll iwant is privicey
Adn you knwo what if ou ever ever
invade my privicey agne
Im leaveing adn im not coeming back
im packing a bag and going whare ever i cna get
So now jsut eave me alone
Im made at you
Im more thne made at you
So jsut leave me alone
Just leave em alone

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