Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To write, To feal, To breath

To write it to feal adn to feal is to breath
But i do not write to feal
I do not care to feal
So i do not care to breath
I write I ithn ksimply to write
I write simple to let out what is in side
Hoping the impending doom wot stike
IT always does though
No matter how much i write
I still get hit by sapresed emsitons
rising with revenge
Like ants coming out of ther hole when en enimy attakcs
My sparessed emtiopns attakc me
THey tkae hold of me and beat me
Till they feal satsided
or til i win
To will i sapress them agen
THe fight and iconcer
THe anger hostitly
THe crying
The horible hole
Then agen i stand apon them
Like a victer of a grate war
THey are under my control now
Like a slave
To not feall oh the beuty
To not ahve to hert
Oh the joy
Hay joy in not fealing
Should not joy be for good
ionsted of evil
Als let it be this way
ELt the joy i feall come form simpley deafting my emitons
Let the tiems a smile to only be when imake you laugh
LEt me feal no more
ket me write no more
let em feal no maore
let me breath no more
for the disre i have lost
the hope i jahve lsot
head ahs
engulfs me
takes me
so to this isay good by let em no loger feal
so i no longer breath
Let ths be my modo:
:et the walls stnad strong
THe mask look real
THe hole be only mine
And let me never alow another human to be ware i am to often
Let me never forget thease words
Let thme ay heavey on me
Let me care for others more thne my self
And et no kone ever be ware i ahve and will continu to be
TO breath is to feall and icare not teo feall
But to write iis to hope that iw ill never have to feal agen

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