Thursday, May 7, 2009

I woudnt mind if

I woudnt mind if
My emitons would shoosea side
Iwasnt up and thne donw
If litlte words ddint kill me

I woudnt mind if
I was alone
If no one creard
people stoped lving me

I would like if
I could jsut disaper
I coukd hid my face formth e world
My name ws neves said agen

I would like if
I could stand and lookat thme and not shake
I could run away
I woudl disper and no one even noticed

I owuld love if
I stoped hurting pepole
I was good friend
I had the write thing to sty atlest one

I would lvoe if
I could igure out why
If i could jsut wake up and be ok
If i stoed hurting

I would die if
I keep hurting people
there is never an end this
If i never find my place

I would die if
I hurt aanother firned like her
Ifi keep hiring what i do wrong
If i never can get out of this stupid buble

I want to
Figure out why im like this
How to hlep you
How to care better

I want to
Make tihngs write
MAke people laugh
Change you;re world

I am a
a fighter
an ideat

I am
super woman
stronger thne stong

I am a
broken chiled
perosn who cnat find there way
lost couse

I am
a worrier
A smiling face
a listner

I am
the perons with no answers
the perons ith wrong thing to say
the perosn hwo is hoples

I woudnt mind
I woudl like
I would love
i woudl die
I want
I am

I woudnt mind if you forgot me
I would like if i ocudl disaberp
I owudl lvoe if God gave you someone better
I would die if do that all i agen
I want to stop worring you
I am nothing to be menchind

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