Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its all my falt

The world is falling aprt
It is my falt
My friends hurt
It is my falt
My paritsn are dispiotned
Its my falt
Oh oyu say it as a joke
But my firneds its true
All this pain this hurt
ITs my falt
I ocsed the pain
I coused it all
By the way that k you
THank you for amkeing me parinod
I am scare d of ogf my mind now to hurt peole
beouce ofy ou;tre words
Oh how childish of me
but oh how real it is
Im scared im scared to hurt people becouse of you
I cna tget thos wors aout of my head of thos stupd stuoid words
THere now ne graved in stone
THey wont idsaper
THe ecoh thee hall ways oh my mind
They dance in happness wal lthe couse me misery
How how can such simple words do that
wHy who do i let thme do that
Waht ca i do
Oh turn up the muscie
Oh alt my thoguh diffret awy
Ah the simplesty of not tihnking
Wich the muscie mad eth hrut go away
Please ripe it fomr me
No no
Leave it leave it
I diserv it
I deiserve this hurt
Look waht i have done to thme
TO the people i say i l ove
I diserve th pain
I diserve it all
bEoceu guess waht ?
Its all my falt
ITs all my falt
LEt me write it on the chock bord
Punish me for my trnagresions
MAke em pay for whati ave done
HAve i hurt you ?
THen beat me
Have i amde you cry
THen meake me cry in pain
HAve i killed oy uin side
THe fead my body yot the birds adn kill me
LEt the pain i couse you emisont let that pain be csoeued eto me phyiscley
100 times over urt me
let me die
kill me with the ain i couse ed you
Beocue incase you forgt
ITs all my falt

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