Sunday, June 28, 2009

THe clow rexhes outt fomr the iron gate
IT has broken the lock once agne
now it graps at me with the sharp claws that sink into me
I try to run but it it is hopless
My eefferts are usless
it graps me
it plunges the clues into
my blood is aorudn me now
the red trikels out of my skin
it seeps down
It burnd
ITs ri[[ing me now
I tr yyo screm
but nothig comes
the screams are sapressed
its effertless
THere is notihnh i cna do
ITs claws dig in dep
I finely stop fiting
AS it slowlly kils me
It never though dilers the deadly kill althoug i wish it toanytihng is better thne the tortur i feal
I hear the creasm of ones who are jsut now being attecked
as the best through me to the ground
IT is fdone with me
ITs gmae it no longer wantt s to play with me
It no longer ifnds me abeling
so ttothe gorund it rtothugs me
To the rough ahrd ground
aS the blodd sepes forthe cuts that it left me
THe ones that cros of the scares
Wahr eit has atecked me bfr
MY blood is all around me
Micsing with the damps adn drity ground
THey start to sitng
the dirt mixing in the blood
I wil lsurvive
Althohug i wish ot be dead
This dogen i am rtreped in is as close to Hell as one can get
But the dorr will never open for me
I lay ther now
No hope
Hurting and pledding
thecuts will heal
but the scares wioll remind me
THe beast will coem agen

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