Saturday, June 27, 2009

How is it

How is it i cant be here
How is it im not happy
How is it i wat to cry at little things
How is it i never seem to get sue to things
How is it thati jsut kep going
How is it i cna hurt so meany
How is it i cna never go back
I;ve siad so much i regreat
Done s much i hate
I do things out of fear of him
Not jsut ot do it
I do it couse im scared of him
It shoudnt be like that
I houdnt be scared of him
I sohuld respect him
I sohudnt though be scared
I almost stiver when he yles
That is so so so wrong
I hate it
I fell like so times i hate him
Im tired of the being pickekd on
Im scared il snap
Hit him Kick him
Im scared ill hurt him
I dont want to get angre with him
but i know i will
I jsut i odn tknow
im scared of power t
That day i had you pined down
I had to let go
I knew i had the power
And that scared me
becosue i didnt want to hurt you
I know what monstter is in my blood
Almsot like the hulk it runs in me
But its for em to release
And i dont want to becoome that moster
I;ve snene the damig that moster can do
I dont want to hurt you
I dont want be that mosnster but i kno i can be
I've sene my angre rages
I ahve the same tmper he has
And luckey me inharty the same dapresion
Im just asking for it
But i dont wnat ot be the same moster
I dont want to hurt you
But i knwo se easly i cna
THat that alsone scares me
MAbby im better of gon

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