Wednesday, June 10, 2009

it crazy now
this life
or i guess lack of one is better
no life
that waht i have
do oyu ever find your;e self wishing
wishing everon one would froget about you
my only concern ever would be hirting poeple
pushing somen one els over the edge
by mey aciotns
ha i alread do that
youblame you;re self
but dony uoget it
i did it
If i went iday wit hout feling this way
I might freak out
I get anxiose now
i get worred now
i fronw more now
I slepe lesss now
summer is here
and im wuesiton everthing
I dint knwo waht to do
I wi hsi i had the anqers
to ever quisont you might aks
i woish i could be helpful to eveithg that comes to pass
but i am me
and all of this is not a part of me
but i am simpley me
hopeless worthless meaning elsss
i am me
ou think me importn
but im not
usles worthless
let me bee
leave me and you;ll froget m e
if you leaveme iciupld ocmit i deed
i tihnk clear no long
i am no longer me
i feal lost and emty
worthless hoples
meing less
i am notihng impornt nothng for reosn
I am not who i souhld be
i am notithng that is good
But now m lips iclose
theses tough ill skpek of to non one
that laddy idont care to see
the peole who ithn km perfect
the dmail i souhld not ae a part of
thinghs things i kepe her and in my heart and mabey one others eaars
but how oculdi reject her
so nice an s sweat and caring
you vna never say no
its not bad
exept when i worry her
exepct when she is worryed
thne its bad
bad that is me

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