Sunday, June 28, 2009

I want to be a haro
I want save
I want tom akme chang happen
But i cant
Im no haro
I cant amek things change
I cant save anything or any one
How are you sopos to when oyu keep sinking
I cant be a haro
Im nothing that could be ahero
I mkae no diffrence i make no change
Im not helpful at all
Im pritty sure
I jsut hurt
I cosue foights
Adn im make people angree
Im nota haro
Im not helpful
Im not a good daught
Im not a good sister
and of coures im not a good friend
IOm usre the only thing i ever do is hurt
All eiver do is mess things up
I realy dont do anytihng write
I mess up
I wishi ould be better
Wish i could be a better frined
a better dusght
a better sister
but im jsut me im not a hero
im not a side kick
im not even the photogrifer tkaing ther picture
Im th elittle kid
Standing on the stree
wide eyed at the heros
wishing one day to be one of thme
But now the only battle i fight
Is killing th e bug crowligna cross thr stee

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