Sunday, June 28, 2009

There face is vode
THey stoped them self fomr fealing
There eyes use to hold asparkal of hope
But then there empty
Now they are void of any hope
Thera re small creases whare smiles once lingerd across the face
But now ther soft
for smiles dpnt cross ther face often
THere skin is ruff
Riuff like thr haeart
Witch they ahve protected with barb wire
The hand that they use to softle toch sholder
Is now ruff and hard
TI no long holds the simpothey
Ithol d anger
Like a viper ready to reals its venom on its victom
Ther sholders are hard
They no longerket thme rest
THe muscils alaways tens
THe no long are a resting place for thos who tears once fell
Thos people left a long time a go
Now all they do is saport themusculer arms
They are empty now thoguh with out perpso
THe larg arms once rapped thme self aroudn hirting finrds
But now they rapp thme slef around notihng
they fell em[tey and with out purpos
There love that they once hd so dear
is now viod of the body they merly live in now
But is it trule living
With out love
They flot in life and they no longer feal
Ice cold there hadns stay
Like the icey coldnesss of there hart
Empty vode
thats what hey are

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