Saturday, June 13, 2009

i am temted to cut
i jsut wantt o feall the pain the hurt
but insted ihit
self mutilaitn somen would call it
i jsut call it pain
its days like thease
were its all goign grate a
dn thne wam there i am
so i hit
my hand aches now
its bene a long itm seens i did it
but the darkeness the wquietneess of the house it tempes me
and i find realife
it only for a mount in the pain that is ragin in my hand
as my nuckes ach with ever single ghit of th key
but soetihng inside of me subsides
icnat cry
iwantt ot but i cnat cry
it angers me
and thne i hit
no kin tonight will brake
no blood tongiht was sheed
but ihit
and thne rest

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