Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Keith-
I have writen to you befor but it never seems to be aobut me. It always us aiybt siemtihng else adn so i guess this time im going to write to you aoubt me. Theres alot you dont knw aoubt me and i guess im jsut so stuck whare i am i want to tell some one mabby jsut ambby someone will finely be able to hlep but hay people have tried beofr and failed

so first of i dont have the peect family my dad has gootne drunk acouple of time sens we moved fomr KS and he lieks to mess aroudn wehn he is crunk witch mean i get slamend into walls or dropend on my back ithngs like that. Witch menas i dont rtleay like my dad and idont realy hang out with my dad like i use to. I guessit is stupied ofr me to hold a grudge but waht would you do? Dont worry my dad hasnt dont anyithg seens octoper so yhea .

Oh and im depresed well aprintly and apritnyl its prty saver atlest acordng to the score i got o nthe test my councler gave me oh yeha write you dont know that eather i have councler now it hapepnd aroudnth etime you were getin alyssa one my mom pritty much made me so i have to go to aocunler but she cfound otu waht a hard shelel i am to crakc nad how i realy dont tlak how she is pritty much going ot give me "tools" to try and hlep this dpressinio nad stop it. Yeah writght bieng messed up is part of my life leasey eye dysleci bad knee bad bakc lets through depresion in there dani can handle it i men coem one she loves bineg diffrnet it jsut is rokcing asum ofr her so lets just ad another label on ther otm ake her feal wors. HA ha wel donst God ahve a sense of humer.

S pritty muc h im a kod wo is depressed donst like my dad and finds my self puling away fomrany one who could ghlep me cosue well they give up. "tooks" are not goignt o hlep me with this depreison thing i dont gie a care if get better so im not to sure why this counciler tihngks this will hlep i dontknow aoubt ehr some times. Btu ahy waht ever its better if no one cares i thne dont ahve to worr yoaubt huritng any one . you might ihnk waht oubt you;re mom well all thos time my dad was mesing around and wresiling with em she never did a hting to stop it so pritty mcuh dot realy trust her a lick. Biut you knw life is good. ITs goldeny good like the sutn in the blue blues stky

Well sjtut hoghu you mgiht nwat to knw a litlte mroe aoubt me seens you know i ma with you alot and on you;re yeachign teamn astuff
well hav eogod night keith

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