Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ourbiget fear

I fear
you fear
we Fear
What do I fear
Whayt do you fear
What do we fear
I fear becoeming you
YOu fear becoem me
We fear becoming eachother
I fear beomcing what ou are
I fear you becomeing me
I dont want to hurt people like you did
I dont want you to hurt like i did
We are so scred
But realy the fear is us
Our self
And nothing els
THe worst is us
THe evil is us
Nothnig els
Notihng more
The hurt the paon
IT comes fomr us
We are the Evil
We are the bad
We mkae it in us
We fight it so mcuh
But we dont realise it is us
THe evil omces fomr nothnig els
but us
we are waht we hate
THe evil springs from us
We eat the apple
We pisked up the sword
We did it
But we cna cahnge it
We dont ahve to let thme turn out like su
WE dont ahve to be like them
We dont have to dow hat they did
We cna cahnge it
Im not thme
You're nt thme
We're not thme
I choose shoose to change
Do you
Do we
Tomarw is gone
WE dont ahve to be thme
THey dont ahve to be us
My fear is ill be you
My fear is you'll be me

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