Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Soon were my name is iwll be another
Soon you wont need me any mroe
I'll be fased out not needed.

COsie you;re sslowly seeing that other pople care
cosue you finly get that other pole wnat to lisen
You're understadning that im not the only one who will stay up lat jsut tot tlak to you

Soon you ownnt need me
Soon you;ll forgt aobt me
Soon i knwo i wnaont be needed

I see were my name use to be
I see were use o stnad messiges for me
and now i see other pole names wright there

Soon you wnat need me
soon il lbe forgeten
soon you wnont rrember that person you usre to knwo

Mabe yim wrong
but it fells liek im wright
/Mabey im jsut over exgaretoing
But it all seems to fimerler to me

SO i guess al lthes left
IS to buld the wasll up
Adn get ready for a storm
WEther it willl ocme or nt who knwo

Friday, August 10, 2007

IT's sorty lonly here without you
The day goes by slower
And i find my self havineg nothing to do

I'm so use to tlaking to you tilll late at night
I live for thos oocnversations
We have funny ones but atlest once a wekke we ahve a serouse one

sometime were on the bummbey rode
It sme like we were there a coupple dayts befor you left
I coudnt let you eve nad let it be that way

I guess the piont of all this is
I miss you
I love you
And i cnat wait for you to come home

Thursday, August 2, 2007

my thoughts mabey

so what do you d o when all you do is hert
so what do ou do when you odnt wnat to hert any one any more
what do you to when you jst dont knwo waht to do
what cna you do

What happens when the person you cared aobut most you jsut ehrt
What happens when al lyou want ot do it run
What happesn whan you didnt ahve time to shut thos emtions up
Waht hpaens when ial lyou want ot do is make it all wright
Waht hapes wen you jsut odnt knwo how
Waht can happen

Why cna i sut b e abeter friend
Why do i have to hert you so mcuh
Why do i jsut not knwo how to shut my mouth
Why cnat i just be frined

So as i stia dn think aobut it all
I knwo i've her tou and coused you pain
The wrods i dont hear stng as thy sink in
Cose iknow it menas i rely ahve hert you when you dont say thos weords

I jsut wish iwas a better finred
I jsut wich iisdidnt hert you
I jsut wish i cousle me who you need and wnat me to be
I jsut wich you didt ahve to dell with stupid me