Sunday, March 23, 2008

Be ware of Crazy thoughts

I was thinkingin the shower (yes the shower) and this is waht i came up with.
I was tihnkinkg aoubt relationships and how we cut them of how we have thme hurt us how everthing seems to go wrongad i think we cna bring it down to one itnhg tommarow. Here is my thought we worey. We use our head to much in a sitwaiton we sohuld us our hart.

Ill start with the second one first. In relationships we use our head iitnhk tomuch and our hart to little. Yes in some sitwaiotn this isnt true, buti have sne to oftne people betting the logic out of a relationship becosue they want to difin it, they want words insted of the felling. Yes we should not let our hart tkae over completly but it is like this. Have you ever noticed that when we go and do someithng creazy someithng dnagers our haeart ski[s abeat and in that one moment our heart tells us dont do this becosuey u cna loos this perons or this thingg. Our mind thogu our bain says no it;s ok you wont. So we shut out our heart and say our brain is wright becouse it is smart it is inteligent it has to be wright. Our hearth thos is wright it is telling use dont loose the thing you love dont do it, but we shut it up and lisne to our head. If we only lisen to our heart thne we wil become desensites we will soon never love beocuse outr mind tells us we wil get hurt soon we will no longer care who we hurt becoes we dont lisn to our heart wich tells us hay you wil hurt this person. THis will kill a realtionship what ever it wil be for me it;s friendships. If we wore to much of what wil happen if we care thne we wil never care adn we will always hurt ever one coue they need us to care

The other thing i say wil ruin a friends ship or i guess any relationsihp is woring aobut tommarow. I think JEsus Him self sums it up perfectly "Do not wore about tommarow for today ahs unuf wores in its self." I think we to oftne worea obout tommaorw wil the carea bout me will they love me tommarow. I think we go wil they what ever tommarow. If we wore aobut tommaore what iwll happen with the relationship tommarow thne we wil have aproblum with it today. I ithnk in mkaing a dision about a relationship we cna only look at the past and today. THe past will not always tell what the futer hold but if in the past you cnaithnk of more good thne bad then the relationsihp is worth time, we ahe to rember tohug physical or verbal abuse will always out way any good in a relation ship. When we wory of the futer we put stress and strain on a reltionsihp when we worry that tomaorw they iwll lever us or tommarow they wil not love us we should tihnk aobt hwo they lover us today how they care for us today. We wory if we tell thme someihng today it will be hedline news tommarow. WE worry that if we let thme know us today tomarow they will ahte us. We fear so much that we hurt what once was a relationsihp . When we expect that the raliotnship wi lbe better whe nwe wkae up tomaorw couse we slept on it we set our self up ofr hurt do not lok to tommarow but look at today dont go to bed with the problum unsolved figure it out otnight and be done with it.

So igues whatim saiyg is lisen to you;re heart and love today dont wore aobt tommaore . Be you;re self and dont wore if they iwll ahte you tommarow dont tihnk aobt tomaore , it's will only hurt Love ith you;re hart and lisen to it whenit says you might loose someone ocues fellings are what make use live.