Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Um rym poam lame thing

Girl wants to give up
Wants to knwo why her lifes so messed up
She wants to stop the pain
She just dosnt knwo how to gain

A friends out
With any dout
Never sadi goodby
Never agfen would she here her say hi
Litly did she know hoe much her friend cryed

When she was younger it want a problujm
Never it just trouple some
NEver knwo how much it would efect her
Never knwo it would be such a problum

Girl heard the words she never feard
Didnt knwo thay were so near
Foudn out why she was so Diffrent
Now shw wish she was ablivent

THere so lost
Why cant thay see
What was put ata grate cost
On that tree

THay cant see him
It's hard to boleve in him
He loves them
Why cant thay just let him in

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Um ever ware

Um ever ware

What happnes when the place your sopost to bolong you dont?
couse you know your diffretn form everone
No even knows thoguh all thay think is you normal like them
Little do thay know your not
You walk by thme ever dat and knwo ther nothign like you
Nut thay dont knw that
THa ydont knwo the reson you cant speack wrght sometiems
THay dontknwo the rson words go faster in your head then thay come out
THay dont knwo waht it;s like to flip number sna dletters
'Or why you stuter
THasy dontk ow wahty ever time you strugle to get a simple ocnsept
Otr mare s simple things
THat dontknwo the pain
THat dont knwo ther ert
All thay see is the simpl you
They dontk now the sad songs yo;ve writen ouse you hert so bad
Ir home mean times you did someithng till you were so tired you codnettihnk
Or hoee mwenas boockes ahve be through acros the reoom time after tie fcosue tuor frustrated adn confused
THat dontknwo the strugle
Thay jsut dont
THay cnat relay
Why would thay wont to?
Why would you want them toknwo the pain couse that would mena thave been through it?
THay dont know
How mena times you;ve cryd your self to sleep
Or how mena tims you;ve Cryed out to God with a despret plead
THat dot know how mena times there words killed you
THat dontknw that you alread beat tyour slef up thay dont need your help
Yeah thayt dontknwo?
But then agen why woudl you wnate them to couse it would bmena thayev been thought it to ?
So thay heenve been though you dont want thmto
So the only ihng to sy is
THay dontknwo waht you go through

Friday, May 4, 2007

He's there

Please dont give jsut not yet
I need tell you jsut a few things
Some one made
He loves you and cares about you
He mad nowing you would or owoudnt rejeckt him
He mad you in his imag
He acares aoubt you more thne any one wever cousel
He lvoes you more thne youve ever know
And yet me seem blind yo the fact that he's ther
We seem to forget he loves us and cares
We see tyo foget we were mad in his image
We forget he's there
He's always there for us no matter what
He made us with a plane and perpose
WE cna run fomr him but hhe'll stil lbe ther
We cna slamme the door on him
But when we come witrh tears down our face he is there
He alwas loves
he always cares
He's there
We foget so often that he cares and that he;s ther
We ofget he loves us nad will wlaywas exept us
We can hate him
We cna agrrivated with him
Necvver will he be agngrey with us
Never will he not love us
I asay these things to you to mabey give you ahope
I tell you this to show you omeone cares
It;s seems ometimes in liefe that were alone and one cares
Were never alone and he cares
I telel you this so that you know the days im a bad friend thers one better way better
He naver has bad days he alwyas loves you
I tel lyou this so that you knw when fel llonly and lost he's ther
He loves he cars
When fel lthere hope adn there no futer there is
He cares hope and he has a futer for tyou
I tell all of this so you dont foget that wheni m the worst friend in the world thay he is there nad he cares what you say and love you