Friday, March 30, 2007


sHe leves tommarow. Only for a week but it still killes froa week i wont se eher smile or see her lagh. WOnt get to see tat parkil int her eye o r have her say "NO whast your idea . Iwont ahve there to say will you come jsut for me. Oh how she ahs saved me so mean times from jsut staying in bed adn not leting the day come alone. sHe has siad will come jsut ofr me cous she would be there i would. But she wnt be her tihs week. She wont be there to tell em good job or risher me i idndt fine on tihs or that. Oh it killed me to tell her GO dont owre ksut go you'll be fine. I dont want yu to byut i know i have to let you go and srtust in oyou that you'll come back. DOsent she know how mcuh it;s herfding me to let her go of no she dosnt know. She dosnt know ow hard it will be on me. I wotn to let her nknow but no ill let her be. She alread said she didnt want to go so i wont tel lher how bad it wil hhert to know she left i wont tell her how hard it;s for me to let her go i wont tell her ihow i might cry to have to say gooodbye

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I jst want to runin the rain.
I want it to let it hit my face
I want it to replace the tears i ahvent cryed
I want it to wipe the words i siad away
I want it to hel p me for get everthing everthing
I want it to let me smiel and lafe
I want it to make the strs thad the burdens go away
I want it to le me be me
I want it to calm my soul
I wnat it to let me know ill be ok
I want it to wash aways my fears
I want it to wahsawyaas my weaknes
I want it to let me be free
I want it to take all my pain awya
I want it to give me an escape
I want it to give me peace
I want it to wpe my momore of all the tihngs i've doenwrng
I want it to let me forget waht's been dont wrong to me
THats alot ot expect of rain isnt it?

she runs

She runs a 1000 miles expeting no one to falow but i do . She ran 2000 miles thot i woudnet she thoguht it was tofair,little did she know i was run my hardest and fastest wheni rech the spot she is sting i seey thre butiful view. frOm beinhingd she looks fine she looks lik hs ebolongs wright ther she fiss wright in butiful. As she turens to llok at me isee someithg u never othught i would heve face is tear stnad. hEr shirts has drops of stans form ehr tears. I llok and she donset yell for em to run bak or to hid her face for se simple pats the set next ot e telliong me to come and sitnext to her. I come adn sit as she requested as a sir her head lesn on to my shoulder i can herar her cry adn fell the ters fallkoweign to my sohulder. I sit woundering what to say and fidnd the words i looked for. "God loves he has a plane in all of this he cares and nknows wht he's doing. She turns and jsut looks at me for a long while she jsut stares at me . Ad thne her mouth open se tells me wrght wrong she tells me wahts bene herting she tlels how bad life has been and how ever on walked out on her. I remind her she still has gOd. I give my two sense and thne i prayt forher. Butnnot yet she's not read to g pake yet so wwe stil sit jsut siting there looking at the view. SLowley she's read to g obakc we walk slowing to not head back to her life to quicley i dont wnt her to run agn but if she does ill falow.

nO that is not a true storry or anytihng. It's osmetihng i tohught of. I wnat to be that friend i realy do. THe one who falow you as fare as you and sit thare and etempt to confert you. Irelay wnat ot e that friend and hope icna be.
Her smile files that spot. Oh how often i see the smile. I have never see the tears. The smile covers the tears she dosent want me to sey. Dosnet she know i see past the smile. DOsent she know that i see past her smile an her perfect life to wht is relay goingon. DOsnet she know her face rher eyes tell it all? why odes eh hid it from me? She trys o play that mas. I'm sorry it dosent work. She trys to hide the pain but i see it in here eyes. Wil i have th guts to ask and have the guts to know im ight get stuh out. What if iget shu out agen? will i be able to ahnadle it ? I dont know if iwill be able to. Why dosent she know i care? Why dosent she know im there? DOsent she see my open arms? Dos'n't se see me open ears? GDOes she know i care? COSue I do. DO's she know i lvoe her couse i do. Doe sshe nto see how much she efects me? DOes hse not know how much a care about her? IOdont ahve the guts to tell tell her to tel lem and let me know oh no oi would bnever say that. What do i do to let her know? I dont know. I hope she knows icare. I hoep she knows she menas someithng to me. relay hope so.


So i like to wright so her is were iwill wright. e forwornd im a bad wrighter and it is 100 percent of the time stupidso yeah. Jusy os you knwo so eya itwil lbe randomting i wright nad stuff in carse you dindt cech that so yeah. WElcome hope you like adn if any one ever read tihs i would like feepd back please