Saturday, December 29, 2007

I woudnt blame you

I woudnt blame you if you elft
i woudnt blame you if you siad you cant handle me any more
I woudnt blame you if you dicded i was to much to handle
I woudnt blame you if you left

couse i know who i am
Couse i know im alot to handle
Cosue i know it;s ahrd when i dont understand simpley things you say
Cosue i know it's hard when idont get what you;re saying and you jst get frustrated

I'm not perfet
I'm not wh oyou need
I'm not hlepful
I'm not safe

I Will try to kepep you
I will try tobe my best
I wil stry to be who you need
I wont try to be safe

But i wont balem you if you leve

A million itnhgs

A million ithngs boudn me donw
900,999 of thme are fmor you
you say som uch
in os few wrods
you seem ot knw how to pill it al on
you say thing after thing thats wrong with me
you ifnd ever falt
you say thme all
you knw my wke pionts
you ondt avioce thme
you have a things ido wrng
but i ahve itnhg you do wrnog
so why i odnti pound you iwth al lthoguhs thoughts
I oculd say o meany thing
I bit my lip otugh
cuseim odne hurting you
i do it unuf
'not tonight
i wont tle oyu you;re nto god unuf
i wont tell you hwo you hurt me
i ownt tell you andtihng liek that
coeus none of that is true
i ownt yel lat you oupt of anger
oces i hurt to much to be angreee
Cant you see im donw
cnat you seee im crashing down adni git hard
cnat you see the eytars that are wsweling up
dont you see you;re beating em
dont you see you;re brseing me
dont you see you're tleign me that everinth i;ve done amounts to notinhg
dont you get it im odnw and it seems i have bne ehr alot latley
mabey time ill jsut stay down
cosue thos million ithngs are crush me

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i'm trinyg
im triyng to be everthing you wnat
im trying to be hwo youanwt me to be
im trying to be who you need me to be

Butim sitl not good unuf
but i sitll dont do it wright
but i sitll stink at it
but i still am raling

I've flfain
I;ve flaling wuick
I've flal ing hard
I've falin fomr high up and i hit the ground hard

I fiald
I fiald today
I fialed yesteday
I fiald last week
Ill fiall tommarow

I'm sitl not good unuf
Im stil nto who oyu need
Im stil lthat kid who s a pain
I'm still me

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Not Good Unuf

I nnot god unuf
Im not unuf for any one
My fmaily
My finrds
no one

I never have bne
I never was the wright kid
I never did anything wright
I never was that ikid
the kid that ever on liked

ICant be that fdaghrte
I cant be that firned
ICant be perosn oytu wnat
I cant perfect
I nct be any one

Im tirerd of being rangerd on
Im tiemrd begin yled at
I mriter d of her i could do beeter wheni m treiyng my best
Im tierd of not bieng good unf
Im tired of me

Im tierd of being terpso npole cna tlka to
but never geting anytihng for it
I'm ited of liey
TO makae you fell beter
jstu to ahve oyy say im nto good unufe
that im trying har dunuf

Ehat do ido so worng?
HOwe do i mes up smcuh ?
Why ncat me be ogd unf for you?
Why do ialwayt tkae the gblame?
Why cnat i you jstu like me?

LEt it al jstube my aflt
let it al lbjstub edone ane ofve tihw
COsue at the end of the day it alwa yned up that way
So lets skip acople steps balme it on my let me get my abplgs and be doen
coies im so tied of this

I dont rember hwen i was tood good jup
I dont rmeber wehn got a im prud of yuo you did that on oyu;reown
I dont remer wheni got a bat on the bkac and good job
Couse i mnt good unuf

Im not god unf for any one
I have to maena falts
THer is only on e hwo never khets
Adn that beocue ne maed me
BUt for cer one slim not good unfe

Saturday, December 15, 2007

uh uh uh uh uh

i wnt ohold oyu close to me
i wnat to be with you
i wwant to sit next to you
i wnat to lisen yoto yu

i wnat you to knwo ilve you
i want you ot knw im here for you
i want you to know that i car eaoubt you
iwant you to knwo that thers eom one ther for you

i wnat to be with you
i wnat to hold you;re hadn
i want to give you a hug
i want to never let you go

i want to protedct you fomr the world
i wnat to kep oyu safe fomr all harm
i wnat to now let you go
i wnat mmya rem st obe asihld

i wnat to hug you
i wnat o fel loyu;re imbrace
i want jstu one grat ehug to get my thour
i wnat you to gfel lmy love thoughmtihs imbrace

i jsut want to be with you

Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's not the lyes that hurt us. WE know we lye it's when we boleve them. Am i that complicated that you dont even see what i try to tell. Have ihidden behind thos wasl so well? That my fells cnat even seep through? THat not a ray of truth can be seen? Am i that complicatted?
Maby im jsut blind?
MAbey yo iu tihnk im jsuta nother liyer who will leve.
mabbey i am jsuta nother lyer.
Mabey i push to mcuh,
MAbey i hid to mcuh
Mabey im jstu scared
MAbey use to being hurt
THe thing i knwo is
I dont excpect you to tlka
I dont want you to spill out nenles you wnat to
I dont want to sit and think i knwo everthing cosue i know idont
I dont want to hurt you
I dont want to let soem one in when im scared ill be hurt agen
I dont want to let you boleve lys
THat al li knwo
Thats ill i fell
thats al i knwo
al i knwo is that im sitll liveing
all i knwo is thati try
all i knwo is that i fail
all i knwo is you;re way to good for me
and i dont diserv you