Tuesday, February 12, 2008

50th blog and it;'s for you Slikedy

Iwanto gie you it all back
I wanto give you al lthat incourgment bkac
I wnat to see that smill i lvoe
I want to herar you;re laugh cosu i love it
I want you to be happie
Even if it emans me giveing up everinthg
I wnat you to no t hurt any rmoe
Even if i hadt o give everitnhg for it
I awnat you to knw hjow much Daddy loves you
I want Him to jump outf the corrner and rab you in His arms
I wnat you to fell Him cosue I knwo it;s what you ened most
I want to see you happie
Couse i knwo it;s waht you neeed
Couse i knwo it would mean the world to youy
Couse i knwo you need it
I woudl give anything for you to ahve that
IWish you knwo how mcu oyu are cared for
I wish you knew ow much you are lvoed
I wilsh you knew how mean lives you;ve touched
How mean pole you've helped
I wish oyu know that all
And i wish oyu knew how mcuh i lvoe you
Cosue it;s more thne words will say
More thne icna discribe
And thos words means start to fade
Even if my love dosnt
I love you, I jsutw ish you knew how mcuh
so im posintg this randome blog with tihs one line so icna dedict my 50th blogot osmeone so eyas

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Life just isn’t fear
Even what we try
So Lord please hear my desperate prayer

We can go ahead and dare
But in the end those cares just go bye
Life just isn’t fear

Sometimes it’s just to hear to bare
And we fell like we could die
So Lord please hear my desperate prayer

We send up another prayer
And then lie awake and cry
Life just isn’t fear

It hurts so much so we pretend we’re unaware
So we just try harder it’s the only way we can reply
So Lord please hear my desperate prayer

Sometimes it’s so much pain it can never compare
But we go on just so we can defy
Life just isn’t fair
So Lord please hear my desperate prayer