Saturday, December 29, 2007

I woudnt blame you

I woudnt blame you if you elft
i woudnt blame you if you siad you cant handle me any more
I woudnt blame you if you dicded i was to much to handle
I woudnt blame you if you left

couse i know who i am
Couse i know im alot to handle
Cosue i know it;s ahrd when i dont understand simpley things you say
Cosue i know it's hard when idont get what you;re saying and you jst get frustrated

I'm not perfet
I'm not wh oyou need
I'm not hlepful
I'm not safe

I Will try to kepep you
I will try tobe my best
I wil stry to be who you need
I wont try to be safe

But i wont balem you if you leve

A million itnhgs

A million ithngs boudn me donw
900,999 of thme are fmor you
you say som uch
in os few wrods
you seem ot knw how to pill it al on
you say thing after thing thats wrong with me
you ifnd ever falt
you say thme all
you knw my wke pionts
you ondt avioce thme
you have a things ido wrng
but i ahve itnhg you do wrnog
so why i odnti pound you iwth al lthoguhs thoughts
I oculd say o meany thing
I bit my lip otugh
cuseim odne hurting you
i do it unuf
'not tonight
i wont tle oyu you;re nto god unuf
i wont tell you hwo you hurt me
i ownt tell you andtihng liek that
coeus none of that is true
i ownt yel lat you oupt of anger
oces i hurt to much to be angreee
Cant you see im donw
cnat you seee im crashing down adni git hard
cnat you see the eytars that are wsweling up
dont you see you;re beating em
dont you see you;re brseing me
dont you see you're tleign me that everinth i;ve done amounts to notinhg
dont you get it im odnw and it seems i have bne ehr alot latley
mabey time ill jsut stay down
cosue thos million ithngs are crush me

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i'm trinyg
im triyng to be everthing you wnat
im trying to be hwo youanwt me to be
im trying to be who you need me to be

Butim sitl not good unuf
but i sitll dont do it wright
but i sitll stink at it
but i still am raling

I've flfain
I;ve flaling wuick
I've flal ing hard
I've falin fomr high up and i hit the ground hard

I fiald
I fiald today
I fialed yesteday
I fiald last week
Ill fiall tommarow

I'm sitl not good unuf
Im stil nto who oyu need
Im stil lthat kid who s a pain
I'm still me

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Not Good Unuf

I nnot god unuf
Im not unuf for any one
My fmaily
My finrds
no one

I never have bne
I never was the wright kid
I never did anything wright
I never was that ikid
the kid that ever on liked

ICant be that fdaghrte
I cant be that firned
ICant be perosn oytu wnat
I cant perfect
I nct be any one

Im tirerd of being rangerd on
Im tiemrd begin yled at
I mriter d of her i could do beeter wheni m treiyng my best
Im tierd of not bieng good unf
Im tired of me

Im tierd of being terpso npole cna tlka to
but never geting anytihng for it
I'm ited of liey
TO makae you fell beter
jstu to ahve oyy say im nto good unufe
that im trying har dunuf

Ehat do ido so worng?
HOwe do i mes up smcuh ?
Why ncat me be ogd unf for you?
Why do ialwayt tkae the gblame?
Why cnat i you jstu like me?

LEt it al jstube my aflt
let it al lbjstub edone ane ofve tihw
COsue at the end of the day it alwa yned up that way
So lets skip acople steps balme it on my let me get my abplgs and be doen
coies im so tied of this

I dont rember hwen i was tood good jup
I dont rmeber wehn got a im prud of yuo you did that on oyu;reown
I dont remer wheni got a bat on the bkac and good job
Couse i mnt good unuf

Im not god unf for any one
I have to maena falts
THer is only on e hwo never khets
Adn that beocue ne maed me
BUt for cer one slim not good unfe

Saturday, December 15, 2007

uh uh uh uh uh

i wnt ohold oyu close to me
i wnat to be with you
i wwant to sit next to you
i wnat to lisen yoto yu

i wnat you to knwo ilve you
i want you ot knw im here for you
i want you to know that i car eaoubt you
iwant you to knwo that thers eom one ther for you

i wnat to be with you
i wnat to hold you;re hadn
i want to give you a hug
i want to never let you go

i want to protedct you fomr the world
i wnat to kep oyu safe fomr all harm
i wnat to now let you go
i wnat mmya rem st obe asihld

i wnat to hug you
i wnat o fel loyu;re imbrace
i want jstu one grat ehug to get my thour
i wnat you to gfel lmy love thoughmtihs imbrace

i jsut want to be with you

Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's not the lyes that hurt us. WE know we lye it's when we boleve them. Am i that complicated that you dont even see what i try to tell. Have ihidden behind thos wasl so well? That my fells cnat even seep through? THat not a ray of truth can be seen? Am i that complicatted?
Maby im jsut blind?
MAbey yo iu tihnk im jsuta nother liyer who will leve.
mabbey i am jsuta nother lyer.
Mabey i push to mcuh,
MAbey i hid to mcuh
Mabey im jstu scared
MAbey use to being hurt
THe thing i knwo is
I dont excpect you to tlka
I dont want you to spill out nenles you wnat to
I dont want to sit and think i knwo everthing cosue i know idont
I dont want to hurt you
I dont want to let soem one in when im scared ill be hurt agen
I dont want to let you boleve lys
THat al li knwo
Thats ill i fell
thats al i knwo
al i knwo is that im sitll liveing
all i knwo is thati try
all i knwo is that i fail
all i knwo is you;re way to good for me
and i dont diserv you

Saturday, November 10, 2007

beoucse the tears wont fall

she kiskes she punches
She hits
she beats her and hadn ti lhter hnumb
she beats ehr self edxterning t omake ht interntl pain go awy
THe oapai ni s to gerate
She wants the tears to cfal l
But theay wont
Why ocus she wont let tmhe
Shr ahts this
SH ahts this feling
sHe fells crumy
sHe fells liek ajerk
She ahtes
IT couesit kils her
She cna tkae it
It's slowly killing hetr
Sher might see happie
but hse is ding insde
THer is no vitum in this enls ehr bloddy fist count
THe is no pain in this in les the blood is asing
SHe hit snad kicks cosue internly it ehr but shr nact let that out with tesrs
Sp the punches work

Saturday, October 27, 2007

she wonders why ismile ever tiem she does
she wounders why i alag h when seh does
she wounders why rver time she waives i wasve bkac iwth a misle
she woudners why ever ite i lev ei have to say i love you

MAbey it;s cosue she more htn just a frined
She means so mcu more
she is much llcoser
mabey it;s cosue she's like a sister

She knows so mcuh ocuse she dcares
she knows som uch ocuse she lisne
she knows som mcu hcoause she is asmins
she knows so mcu h couse she is her

Alli everwhented was ehr
All i ever wahted was to know thg realy her
ALl i ever wnated was her nothing more
All iever wnated was her with no changes

I ahve to msiel couse hers ins ocntages
I ahve to lagh whe nseh does cosue it;s jsut funny
I smile couse im waving at ehre
I ahve to say ilvoe you so hse knows osme onw alwaysy locves her

I dontknow how she cna put up wityh me
I dontknow what i did to diserv ehr
O dont know why God amede me so luckey
I dont know why he let soemone as aus mas ehrocmein to my life

SHe donst nknow how much i lvoe ehr
She donst know how mchi carea obut ehr
She dosnt knowwhat she emans to me
SHe dosntknwo waht she aahs done for em

THere is so much i oucsl ds ay aobut here
THere is so mcuh ioculd tlel you aoubt ehr
THaere is so mcuh that she is amsing at
THere is so much i oculd say

Who is she
Why do itlkatoso hily of her
COuse she's my best friend

Monday, October 8, 2007

A little longer

YOu ahdn lsieds arcoss my shoudl fomr another godbye hug
ADni wnat ot hol d on tight
Cosue idont want to mkae you go ohme otnhigh

I want to keep that hug
Not let go
ADn elt oyu knwo
I Care aobut you

I wot wnat to let go
I want to hold you in theis hug jsut a litle longer
I dont wnat you to leeve

I kwnowaht waists for you
AD i wnat to ceep you fomr it
I jsut want to hold on a ligtlte longer

S o lets let tihgs hug last a little longer today
LEts jsut sntad ehr for a seondc adna dn fel lhe warm impbrace
SO meabey otngiht you;ll rebmer that like i rmeber oy u

Friday, September 21, 2007

Once agne idont get i nthe words i wat to say
I jsut get scolded wfor wahti do wrong

NO good job Dani
SJut what i do wrong

Oh how i wihs it wantst that way
If iahd jstua bit longer

IT donst matter
It want noithng importent

IT dosntamtter
Noghitnh new

I liesn
You talk

I try
I fail

I Gues si cnat odi t wright
Butes im goignt in t all wrong tihonight

Im not good at mcu h
OR anytinhg

But i guess il ljsut go to bed
Ad try agne tomamtwo

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Soon were my name is iwll be another
Soon you wont need me any mroe
I'll be fased out not needed.

COsie you;re sslowly seeing that other pople care
cosue you finly get that other pole wnat to lisen
You're understadning that im not the only one who will stay up lat jsut tot tlak to you

Soon you ownnt need me
Soon you;ll forgt aobt me
Soon i knwo i wnaont be needed

I see were my name use to be
I see were use o stnad messiges for me
and now i see other pole names wright there

Soon you wnat need me
soon il lbe forgeten
soon you wnont rrember that person you usre to knwo

Mabe yim wrong
but it fells liek im wright
/Mabey im jsut over exgaretoing
But it all seems to fimerler to me

SO i guess al lthes left
IS to buld the wasll up
Adn get ready for a storm
WEther it willl ocme or nt who knwo

Friday, August 10, 2007

IT's sorty lonly here without you
The day goes by slower
And i find my self havineg nothing to do

I'm so use to tlaking to you tilll late at night
I live for thos oocnversations
We have funny ones but atlest once a wekke we ahve a serouse one

sometime were on the bummbey rode
It sme like we were there a coupple dayts befor you left
I coudnt let you eve nad let it be that way

I guess the piont of all this is
I miss you
I love you
And i cnat wait for you to come home

Thursday, August 2, 2007

my thoughts mabey

so what do you d o when all you do is hert
so what do ou do when you odnt wnat to hert any one any more
what do you to when you jst dont knwo waht to do
what cna you do

What happens when the person you cared aobut most you jsut ehrt
What happens when al lyou want ot do it run
What happesn whan you didnt ahve time to shut thos emtions up
Waht hpaens when ial lyou want ot do is make it all wright
Waht hapes wen you jsut odnt knwo how
Waht can happen

Why cna i sut b e abeter friend
Why do i have to hert you so mcuh
Why do i jsut not knwo how to shut my mouth
Why cnat i just be frined

So as i stia dn think aobut it all
I knwo i've her tou and coused you pain
The wrods i dont hear stng as thy sink in
Cose iknow it menas i rely ahve hert you when you dont say thos weords

I jsut wish iwas a better finred
I jsut wich iisdidnt hert you
I jsut wish i cousle me who you need and wnat me to be
I jsut wich you didt ahve to dell with stupid me

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You tell me you're secrets
You say you;ve never told any one befor
Youve told em the things you've hiden for years
And I remind you were you're secrets go

They go in the Secret place next to my hart
No one cna get there oh no
The only way to get there is if you're me
Just rember you're secrets are safe with me.

As Isit next to you
And lisnen to you talk
I see you blink a way the tears
And i knwo were all you said tonight will go.

it's going in that secret place next to my hart
No one cna get ther oh no
And the only way to get ther is if you;re me
So just rember you're secrets are safe with me

So as i ly her wide awak
I tihnk aobut evertinhg you've told me
It feels liek i hold you;re secrets in the palm ofmy hand
but that not were they are.

There in that secret place wright next to my hart
No one can get ther oh no
The only way to get there is if you're me
Rember rembe oh

There in that secret place wright next to me hert
No one cna get ther oh no
THe only way to get ther is if you;re me
Rember oh please rember you;re secrets are safe with me

I dont knwo itohug i would bpost that song couse it reminds me of some of the frined ships i ahve adn then how like i knwo that i have firneds that do that ith what itell them so yeah i odnt know. Adn im not sure fi thats the realy anme of it

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

sid line

i stnd on thie sid lines washing you0
i see you ther hert and prused
i se eyou alon in the sitwation hert
i see you wishing you wernt there being hert

I jsut wish you would call me in
i jsut wish oyu would tell me ocme in
I wnat you to call out my name tell me you need my help

THen i here your vioce thrwwo the tears
I her you cla mine name
THe sid lines are broken im aloud in I
Step slowly towerd you

You hert and apandedn
the wrods they said just killed you
I Stnad there noyt knwoing what to do when
i here you say i need you

ISti down and remind you yyour noth alone
I tell you who cares aoubt you and waht relly matters I
let you knwo im there and most of all i lisen to you

THere will be days i am no the sidle lines
Iching to come in and savce the day
But you ahveint called my name You havent clald me out

IT's ahrd wehn his se it ahppend and all i can do is stnad there adn clal to you
I try ahrd to enderg you but its ahrd for you to her when your so fare awy
I dont knwo waht to do agenst this beryer

THen youca l lmey anem and say i need you
I dont knw waht t o do or whaat you need form em
I guess lil jsut weing it and hipe i hlep you

Wrights notes: Yewah that was dumb and sutpid adn it;s ameterfor adn it might be ahrd for you to nderstn cosue i itynhk werd so eyah . stupid i knwo

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm not

I'm not your funny friend
I'm not the friend you come to when al you wnat ot do is lagh.
I'm not the friend you see laghing till l they cry
You wont see me gigil till my stomic herts
I'm not ticklis wich runis all your fun
And not laghing comes esily
Seriose is what i do i can find it in any of your jokes.
I might not be all that but mabety im this
I'm that friend that you can call at 2 in the morning and ill ltka to you even if you hung up on me 3 times earler that day
I'm that friend whos not going to make jokes aobut you hwne your not around
I'm that friend who will stand up for you
I'm that friends who will look at you and yull get so uncofertable cosue you i=know i knwo what most of your loockes mean
I'm that friend wh oi s ok with you crying and wont lagh at you for it
I'm that friend who's goign to try not to let you down even tohugh i probley already ahve
I'm that friend who wnats to be there when you wnat to tlak and willl try there best to
I'm that friend who will ask you how your day was adn do oyu want to ltak aoubt it no matter how mena times you push me away
I'm that friend who isnt wored aobt that others think but will hit some one for slandering agents a friend
I'm not that frined that lets you easily forget aoubt you life. I'm no one who will sit for houres adn lisne yto you tlak aovcue i care.I wont let you slip away. I'll try my best not to be ajerk and do evertihing i sadi aobve, but then nagen im jsut hummen. Ill mes up and some days it wil hert to be pushed awya. I'm ok with the heurt cosue i knwo it will come some day and I'm ok with being pushed awya cousei knwo it;s you.

(i relay dint kwnow aht's up with this post cosue i most likly arent any of thos things so yeah)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Uh hum

to be puched away
to be left out
to be forgetn
to be shoved awya
to be unwanted
to be replaced with some one els
to ahve soemone takes your place
to fel unwanted
to be left out

Friends ship is a complicarted thing that I dont understnd
I dont get it
Who a m,i areound you?
Ami esily replaced ?
Mabey im jsut a nothere perosn toyou
Man it killes to be forget
Man how i wish it would stop
I guess i am replaceable
I'm just a nother perosn
Mabey ishould jsut go it will aamke it easer for you

Dont mind this intewrsting thoguht

Saturday, June 2, 2007


You ireplaceble
cnat you se ethat
you mean alot to me
youre the best frined i;ve ever ahd besides God
it fells more liek your a sister
you cnat be replaced dotn you see
you mena alot to me
you cnat be reblaced
you cna fead youre saef the lie you cna but i knwo it;s not true
you say the oculd easly tka you place
i say no way
dont you see you cnat be replaced you mena to much to me
God blessed me wih oyu and ill be thank ful for that as long as i cna
you cant be replaced jsut sewe that

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Um rym poam lame thing

Girl wants to give up
Wants to knwo why her lifes so messed up
She wants to stop the pain
She just dosnt knwo how to gain

A friends out
With any dout
Never sadi goodby
Never agfen would she here her say hi
Litly did she know hoe much her friend cryed

When she was younger it want a problujm
Never it just trouple some
NEver knwo how much it would efect her
Never knwo it would be such a problum

Girl heard the words she never feard
Didnt knwo thay were so near
Foudn out why she was so Diffrent
Now shw wish she was ablivent

THere so lost
Why cant thay see
What was put ata grate cost
On that tree

THay cant see him
It's hard to boleve in him
He loves them
Why cant thay just let him in

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Um ever ware

Um ever ware

What happnes when the place your sopost to bolong you dont?
couse you know your diffretn form everone
No even knows thoguh all thay think is you normal like them
Little do thay know your not
You walk by thme ever dat and knwo ther nothign like you
Nut thay dont knw that
THa ydont knwo the reson you cant speack wrght sometiems
THay dontknwo the rson words go faster in your head then thay come out
THay dont knwo waht it;s like to flip number sna dletters
'Or why you stuter
THasy dontk ow wahty ever time you strugle to get a simple ocnsept
Otr mare s simple things
THat dontknwo the pain
THat dont knwo ther ert
All thay see is the simpl you
They dontk now the sad songs yo;ve writen ouse you hert so bad
Ir home mean times you did someithng till you were so tired you codnettihnk
Or hoee mwenas boockes ahve be through acros the reoom time after tie fcosue tuor frustrated adn confused
THat dontknwo the strugle
Thay jsut dont
THay cnat relay
Why would thay wont to?
Why would you want them toknwo the pain couse that would mena thave been through it?
THay dont know
How mena times you;ve cryd your self to sleep
Or how mena tims you;ve Cryed out to God with a despret plead
THat dot know how mena times there words killed you
THat dontknw that you alread beat tyour slef up thay dont need your help
Yeah thayt dontknwo?
But then agen why woudl you wnate them to couse it would bmena thayev been thought it to ?
So thay heenve been though you dont want thmto
So the only ihng to sy is
THay dontknwo waht you go through

Friday, May 4, 2007

He's there

Please dont give jsut not yet
I need tell you jsut a few things
Some one made
He loves you and cares about you
He mad nowing you would or owoudnt rejeckt him
He mad you in his imag
He acares aoubt you more thne any one wever cousel
He lvoes you more thne youve ever know
And yet me seem blind yo the fact that he's ther
We seem to forget he loves us and cares
We see tyo foget we were mad in his image
We forget he's there
He's always there for us no matter what
He made us with a plane and perpose
WE cna run fomr him but hhe'll stil lbe ther
We cna slamme the door on him
But when we come witrh tears down our face he is there
He alwas loves
he always cares
He's there
We foget so often that he cares and that he;s ther
We ofget he loves us nad will wlaywas exept us
We can hate him
We cna agrrivated with him
Necvver will he be agngrey with us
Never will he not love us
I asay these things to you to mabey give you ahope
I tell you this to show you omeone cares
It;s seems ometimes in liefe that were alone and one cares
Were never alone and he cares
I telel you this so that you know the days im a bad friend thers one better way better
He naver has bad days he alwyas loves you
I tel lyou this so that you knw when fel llonly and lost he's ther
He loves he cars
When fel lthere hope adn there no futer there is
He cares hope and he has a futer for tyou
I tell all of this so you dont foget that wheni m the worst friend in the world thay he is there nad he cares what you say and love you

Monday, April 30, 2007

Heartful words

Herfu lwords is a knife ddinging into your skin
Some words a re prcikes htat wil lsoon be forgtoen
Othre lecve amerk
Some dig deep to drow blood
And sitll other leve massive hols that wont ever heal
Words is knife diging into yor skin
THer is nothign you cna to sotp them as thay are dug deep and deep in to you
There is nothing you cna do to privent them form coming at you
YOu stand not knwing waht to do
It bernsit killes
who are you to turn to?
Who will even caare?
It sems the long thay stay the word thay hert nad son you have to pull it out let um loose
THere will always be a scare were thay have fdug into you
THayt will not soon be forgoten
You ppick up aned begin agen were you letf of
THe tendernes wil stay for a wilel the owrds stll ringign in your ears
THen the scare will oce a constien remnder waht ahs happend to yo
Harsh words is aknoife diging to your skin


Anger is a car crash
It often herts thos you love and care for
IT;s distructiion has grateness or minimal
The aapn can kill or sitng
The decistation can sometimes be unfathenable
It ehrts thos you love and care for with out even klnowing
It sometimes is ncontrolable nad yo uneve know whaen it willhapen if ever
It's nt getnl liekthe prease or sft liek new fallon snow
It's pain it's hert hes devistaion
Ange nver ses to stop
IT mnever is a wind it is a storm
It's apnful it;s angwish it is kills
It wil some tiem end but the scares are left the pain willn ot be fogten
Anger is a car crash

Saturday, April 28, 2007

fear, scared

I'm scared
yeah im scared alot that im going to hert her. Oh some mena times i've been scared i've hert here ibvet i alread have, but icnat let it stop me. I cnat let me being scared not tell her the trusth.I'f i levt fear stop me she wont know how asum she is and how pople lye to her all the time aoubt who she is cosue she insten anytihng thay say she is she is who GOd made her and he cna alone diffine her. DOsnmet she know how asum she is it's so werd to her thos things she says aoub her slef who ever taght her thos things is so wrong. She is made in His image and he is not stupid or dumb nor is she. I wish she coud see. But should ilet fear stop me form tlelign her that no should ilet me thinking ill scrowit uip stop me no but oh im scared of it im so scared ill mess it up im scared ill scrow it up nad oh i dont know i cnat let it stop me i jsut cnat let it

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm scared

I'm scared
THis firend ship mesna alot to me
Shes the best frined ive ever had besides God
Ahe's got a peace of my heart of got a oeasce fo hers
She says she trust me and cars aobut me but she dosent knwo waht thos werds tdo to me
thay scare me to death

I'm scared im gang hert her
Im scared im gana make her cry
I'm scared im going to mess this friendship up
I fdont want to make her cry
I dont want to hert her
I dont mess this up
But im scared tonight

She menas a hol lot to me more thne she knows
She dosnet ehrt me and i trust ehr
Im scared shell spill my secrets i trust ehr
Im not scared shell hert em she told me she wodent
But im scared

Im scared im gana hert ehr
Im scared im gan make her cryi dont wnat ot mess tihs up
im scared im gang mess this up
i dont wnat ot mka eher cry
i odnt make her hert
i dont want to mes this up
Im so scared tonight
what am ito do?

Monday, April 23, 2007

dont kyou know

Do you knwo what i tihnk of you
Do you not knwo waht he thinks of you
cOSue it seems to me that your blind to thes things
He loves and so do i
I knwo life sintk
I know it herts
I knwo ou go through alot
But im always here and so isd He
LEen on me leen on him
I am her no mater waht
He has alsywas been there and always will be
I car eaoubt oyu
ADN he cares even more
DOnt kno w these things
ONe to the right one to the left
Both of us are here for you
He cares aobut you so uch your his chiled
I care aobut you your the best frined ive ever ahd
DO you know >?

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I never even know
I woudent ahve nown ifmyou hadent have told me
A late night conversatoin.
Who would have now i would lern so much aoubt oyu
THe things you siad i could realat
Yeah from diffrent pople we felll diffrent things
Yeha we both now life is hard
But what i siad is true
He loves you
This world will one day be gone
Let your etenal life be it
Thers a reson thos things didnt happen to you
THeres a reson God dint let that happpie
Your hand was on the side of the cliff
You let go
You were caght
He cought you not yet he told you
THeres a reson for it all
TRust in him
He loves you

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

what do you wnat

You say you wnat tlkanely i ask
You say i jsut say ok and hope thay dont ceep asking
You say thos things but what do yu mena
Do you wnat me to ask?
Doo you wnat me to dig?
sHoud i jsut leve you be?
Should iI sut stop asking?
I dot knwo what i sohuld do
I odnt knwo aht you wnat me to do
I dont knwo if im oding it wirgh?
Do oyou wnat me to ask?
Or do you jsut want me to leve you br
I wnat ot be a friend to you
I want to hlep you weh nyou need it
I wnat to let you know i care
aDni wnat you yoto know ill be there
II wnat tyou to know my grip tight
MY grip is ferm
MY hnad wont slip
I cna give you strangth
But is that what you want?

Sunday, April 15, 2007


She's runing awya form me
but I'm ok with that
THis life is geting to hard forher so she disced to run
But thats ok becouse

Sh's running into hs open arms
He's cechinga ll of hher tears as the falll down like rain
He's telling her it;s all gaana be ok it's all gana be ok
She's riuning to him

When life got to hard hse us to runn to no one
she ust to run were no ne could cech her tears
No one new her pain
N one new how bad it hert but know

She's runing into his pen arms
He's cecheing all of her ters as the fall down like raning
Adn he's telling her it;s all gana be ok it's all gana be ok
She's running to him

She found hm in a dustey old corner
He was holding out is arms waiting for her
He told her I'll lisne to you tlka
I'll listen to wahts wrong
Illl care about you

She's lerning to run into his open armes
She's lerning he'll cehc all her tesrs as the fall down like ran
Ah's hearing him say it;s all gang bo ok it;s all gana be ok
She's lerning to run to him

THis life is just to hard
THe berdon it herts to much
She's discided to run
She runing to him

She's runing into his open arms
He's cething all of her tesrs as the fall down like rain
He's rtelling her it's all gana be ok it's all gnag be ok

Sh's run to Jesus open arms
He's cheing all of her tears as the fall down like
He's telling her it's all gan be ok it;s all gana be ok
She runing to Jesus

Sunday, April 8, 2007


I dont know what im sopos to do
i fell like you dont want me
i dont want to introud
but i dont want to hert you

Im not sure if waht im doing is wright
I dont know aht im sopos to do
I dont know what im sopos to do

I fel like ialways meess yo
I feel like i do notihng wright
I dot wan to mess this one up

I care aobut you to much to mess it up
I dont wnat o hert you
I relay dont want to mess this up its so nivce and good

I dont knwo waht to d o
I'm in a despret stat
Wherre am i sopos to turn what am i sopos to do

I dont know waht to to do
THis is to hard
Ill jsut het some one why do i even try

I guess icould jsut leve you be
I ould make life easer for you
I truly dont know aht to do

Im in a pesprt stat
I dont know waht to d o
THis is to confusing for me

Saturday, April 7, 2007


You some home today, and I don't know how fell about it. I mean I want you back don't even dot that. I relay want you home today i have waited all week for this adn this is the happiest i've been all week, but is it selfish of me to want you back so soon. I mena i want you back, but is it the best thing for you? I mean is it better for you to be gone or for you to be here? rleay dont know. I mean there are so mena things her that you could go with out. There are so mena hard things here that you could esely do with out. I wnat tot lwka to you and ask oyu how you've been it's hard with out ypu around, but is that whats best for you. Is it relay best for you to come back. I don't knwo if it is or isn't. I wnat whats best for you, i want what will be best for you and is that comeing back. Is that the best thing for you to ocme bakc or would it be better to stay away i relly dont know if it is. is it best for you to come back?

Friday, April 6, 2007


why does life have to bew so heard?
Why do i always have to mess up?
Why do i have to make tihngs always wores?
This life is to hard
Why do i have to be me?
Why do i have to dealw ith this all?
Whay aren't you here?
THis life is jst to hard
Why can't i be perfect?
Why can't I do tihngs wright?
Why cant i be free ofa ll these things?
THis life is geting way to hard
Why cant i jsut fly away?
Why dosent any one care?
Why do i have to be me?
THis life is wiked to hard?
I hate how things hare
I hate how hard thay are
I hate how things go
I don't knwo if icna dela with how hard tihs is
I wish i was some one els
I wish i could be free
I wish oyu were around to tlak to me
THis is so stinken hard
I wnat to be free
I want not to be me
I want a perfect life
I dont know if i can deal with how hrd this is any more
I know i have to hang on
I know ill never be free
I know this is me
THis life is wiked hard
But aparently thats me

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

will you go with me

I'm going to run, will you go with me
I'm read to jump, will you go with me
I'm stiken tired of this liefe, what aobut you?
It realy just stinks and your gone now who am i to talk to ?
I'm jsut tired of being lied to hoew aoubt you?
I'm tired of being hert how aoubt you?
I'm tierd of being let down, whata aobut you?
I realy don't like tihs your not here who can i tlak to ?
I'm tired of being me, how aobut you?
I'm tired of all of this, how aoubt you?
I'm jsut tired of life, what aobut you?
It's hard being me and i realy want to let go
No ones her to stop me no one even cares
No one even lisens and popeple jsut like lyeing to me
Why does tihs happen?
Why nca 't i have the perfect life like ever one els?
Why does this alwyas have to hert?
Why wen it ehrts it fells like no ones around?
No has even talk to me adn asked me how I'm doing?
don't thay know it herts.
Why me?
why cna't t all jsut stop herting ?
why nca t it all jsut be perfect? like ever one els

Monday, April 2, 2007

Rain day

THer rain falls agne to day
As let it hit my face as i ride down he obike i wich rain would wape memores i hate form me.
I want it to stop alll this madnis
I wnt it to just stop all tyhr pasin
I wnat it to bring you back
I wnat to see you a week is way to long to waist I've only laast 3 days istill 4 more to go oh it hert's> i cnat tlka to you agen, i realy wnat to. I rleay miss you i guess the rain makes me fell like this. THe rain make sme miss oyu more. It makes me thinkg of you ride through pudle and have wader sprade up on your las thats hwat you to le me you like isn't it? Oh the rain mkaes it hert wores it makes me miss you more. I miss you so much Why does the rain have to hert. THe rain is the tears i dont let fall there are so mean it herts me to her the rai nadn see it becosue i miss you and all it does is remind me of you.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Peace of my Hert

You have a peace of my heart
Yes you I know it's shocking to hear this and i iknkow you might not boleve this but i's true. When i took your hand that day adn i told i would be there for you no matter what happens adn you said the same to me you got a peace of my heart a pace of my life. You have a choce thought you can take that peace of my heart adn slowly breack it wth your words you thoughts, your actoins, in turn breacking me. YOu cna tkae that peace nad breakc me if so it;s my falt for trusting tyou. YOu could take that peace and hold it close to your heart and tell me ever day you care you could take care of that peace of me heart and not hert you could buled me up with you words, your thoughts, you actions, if so im glade i trust you for that peace. Or you ocule let go of that peace of me adn tell me im to much to handl. I could give you the peace of my heart and you could juet let go and not even care. See but that would be my falt for thinkging tyu could handle me.

YOu have a peace of my heart it's you choece what oyu do with it it's eatheme mistk regrate or thnaks for giveing you that peace.

Friday, March 30, 2007


sHe leves tommarow. Only for a week but it still killes froa week i wont se eher smile or see her lagh. WOnt get to see tat parkil int her eye o r have her say "NO whast your idea . Iwont ahve there to say will you come jsut for me. Oh how she ahs saved me so mean times from jsut staying in bed adn not leting the day come alone. sHe has siad will come jsut ofr me cous she would be there i would. But she wnt be her tihs week. She wont be there to tell em good job or risher me i idndt fine on tihs or that. Oh it killed me to tell her GO dont owre ksut go you'll be fine. I dont want yu to byut i know i have to let you go and srtust in oyou that you'll come back. DOsent she know how mcuh it;s herfding me to let her go of no she dosnt know. She dosnt know ow hard it will be on me. I wotn to let her nknow but no ill let her be. She alread said she didnt want to go so i wont tel lher how bad it wil hhert to know she left i wont tell her how hard it;s for me to let her go i wont tell her ihow i might cry to have to say gooodbye

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I jst want to runin the rain.
I want it to let it hit my face
I want it to replace the tears i ahvent cryed
I want it to wipe the words i siad away
I want it to hel p me for get everthing everthing
I want it to let me smiel and lafe
I want it to make the strs thad the burdens go away
I want it to le me be me
I want it to calm my soul
I wnat it to let me know ill be ok
I want it to wash aways my fears
I want it to wahsawyaas my weaknes
I want it to let me be free
I want it to take all my pain awya
I want it to give me an escape
I want it to give me peace
I want it to wpe my momore of all the tihngs i've doenwrng
I want it to let me forget waht's been dont wrong to me
THats alot ot expect of rain isnt it?

she runs

She runs a 1000 miles expeting no one to falow but i do . She ran 2000 miles thot i woudnet she thoguht it was tofair,little did she know i was run my hardest and fastest wheni rech the spot she is sting i seey thre butiful view. frOm beinhingd she looks fine she looks lik hs ebolongs wright ther she fiss wright in butiful. As she turens to llok at me isee someithg u never othught i would heve face is tear stnad. hEr shirts has drops of stans form ehr tears. I llok and she donset yell for em to run bak or to hid her face for se simple pats the set next ot e telliong me to come and sitnext to her. I come adn sit as she requested as a sir her head lesn on to my shoulder i can herar her cry adn fell the ters fallkoweign to my sohulder. I sit woundering what to say and fidnd the words i looked for. "God loves he has a plane in all of this he cares and nknows wht he's doing. She turns and jsut looks at me for a long while she jsut stares at me . Ad thne her mouth open se tells me wrght wrong she tells me wahts bene herting she tlels how bad life has been and how ever on walked out on her. I remind her she still has gOd. I give my two sense and thne i prayt forher. Butnnot yet she's not read to g pake yet so wwe stil sit jsut siting there looking at the view. SLowley she's read to g obakc we walk slowing to not head back to her life to quicley i dont wnt her to run agn but if she does ill falow.

nO that is not a true storry or anytihng. It's osmetihng i tohught of. I wnat to be that friend i realy do. THe one who falow you as fare as you and sit thare and etempt to confert you. Irelay wnat ot e that friend and hope icna be.
Her smile files that spot. Oh how often i see the smile. I have never see the tears. The smile covers the tears she dosent want me to sey. Dosnet she know i see past the smile. DOsent she know that i see past her smile an her perfect life to wht is relay goingon. DOsnet she know her face rher eyes tell it all? why odes eh hid it from me? She trys o play that mas. I'm sorry it dosent work. She trys to hide the pain but i see it in here eyes. Wil i have th guts to ask and have the guts to know im ight get stuh out. What if iget shu out agen? will i be able to ahnadle it ? I dont know if iwill be able to. Why dosent she know i care? Why dosent she know im there? DOsent she see my open arms? Dos'n't se see me open ears? GDOes she know i care? COSue I do. DO's she know i lvoe her couse i do. Doe sshe nto see how much she efects me? DOes hse not know how much a care about her? IOdont ahve the guts to tell tell her to tel lem and let me know oh no oi would bnever say that. What do i do to let her know? I dont know. I hope she knows icare. I hoep she knows she menas someithng to me. relay hope so.


So i like to wright so her is were iwill wright. e forwornd im a bad wrighter and it is 100 percent of the time stupidso yeah. Jusy os you knwo so eya itwil lbe randomting i wright nad stuff in carse you dindt cech that so yeah. WElcome hope you like adn if any one ever read tihs i would like feepd back please