Friday, November 28, 2008

here i though i was going to writea calum a post i guess aoubt maturing adn getting od,er adn how i was learignt semth ign wehni was slapped inthe face with the fact that im not mature i cna try all i want and i cna fake all i want but if you dont undersnt sysety you are not matture

Socil life that my problum sutl hits that are droped i dont undernst i dont udners waht some one wants to her soem thing and when not. When soe oen says so tell me aobt wahts goingon i shurg my sholder adn say i dont knwo not coues i am a cockey teen but forth e simple resniofi dont knwowaht to say. I need prompting i nedd to now wheat they want to knw or igo fo down roads that mean nothing. I dont know wahtot say to that. People think its so easy but weh nsoemone askes a qutsin and i dontnow what to say i almost freez. mabbey that why i like lising so much all it takes of me is the fact of um hum yes yeah nda if some one wnats a resonpns otso meinthg i jsut say waht itihnk but me oh idontknwo how to ltkaaoubt me i spendt so much time not tlkaigaoubt me that i frezze when i have to. When you strat promting me what aobutyoure fmaily ow d oyu flelaobut you';re stiers you mom you're dad im ok. But a wusiont like so waht going on i jsut dont knwo waht to say.

Maturity is not jsut aobut you're etops it isnt jsutamobut underint you but nerstnad syseyty it;saobut now about systey now how to deveolp ni sysyter and find you're place i nsysyity and for me that is ware ilake systey is now ware igrow systerd is was ifall falt on my face knose pbleadng eyse wadering. IT's never abot wh o i tlkat it's alll aoubt i dont kwno wat to say seom water btwen begi coned adn beign boorn i loost the cruceh cell that is answr open ended qusiotn with a gooda snwer and for hat resonand that roesn alon i lfop on my face nd fall to the ground

Friday, November 7, 2008

THe Words thay sting
It's like Acid on my Bar fless
Like fire running acrose my skin
It amkes me want tocry
IT amkes me want to screem
It mkae me wnat o run till ther is nothing left

THe Words TTHey sting
It's like hands on a chak bork
Like tanting that iwll never end
It makes me sick
It makes me hurt
It makes me cring

The Words thay sting
It's ilke hial on the back of ou're neck
Like a sit thats distrod
IT amkes me ach
IT makes me brake
IT amakes me so unsher

They may sems like jsut words
IT amy seem like nothing at all
But know i let you down
But know I've hurt you
IT kills me