Saturday, November 10, 2007

beoucse the tears wont fall

she kiskes she punches
She hits
she beats her and hadn ti lhter hnumb
she beats ehr self edxterning t omake ht interntl pain go awy
THe oapai ni s to gerate
She wants the tears to cfal l
But theay wont
Why ocus she wont let tmhe
Shr ahts this
SH ahts this feling
sHe fells crumy
sHe fells liek ajerk
She ahtes
IT couesit kils her
She cna tkae it
It's slowly killing hetr
Sher might see happie
but hse is ding insde
THer is no vitum in this enls ehr bloddy fist count
THe is no pain in this in les the blood is asing
SHe hit snad kicks cosue internly it ehr but shr nact let that out with tesrs
Sp the punches work