Sunday, September 27, 2009

I see
You tihnk i dont
But i do
I see everthing you dont wna t me to
I knwo the things you wish ididnt know
I dont try
I jsut do
I see it in ypur eyes
I see thos moments when you want to hit me
I see the moments you jstuw antt o tell me
I see the momsent you jstu want tme to hold you
And truth be todl i wish you wodl sjtu say
I wish you owuld jsut hit mw
I wiahs you owuld get angree with me
I wish you owuld hit me and be angree with me
I wish you would
Truth be told i jsut wishy ou owuld tell me
THat oyu odnt wantot ltk
THat you cont truths me
THat you dont want to
THat you cant
TRuth be told i jsut want you to jsut ahnd g on to me
Truth be told i would jsut hold you
TRuth ebe todl soem nights i widh you were there
Beocuse sotmesim its nice to know someone esl is there
Somtesim i jsut want to lay my head on you
And sjtu stay thre
somedays iwish to jstu b ehled
Some days i wihs to cry
but non shall happen
Nothing will happend
For i am me
I no longer cry
I know btter then to want
I knwo better thne to wish
So tongiht i do not wish
I do not hope for
And i knw my wants will never be true
I knwo btter thne that
And iknwo me
And i know that thi i is how it will always be

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hay Lindsey whats up? Jordan snaswerd tthe phone noshilantly as she usly did whenit was slindsey
Jordan can yo get ove rher please Jordans vioce was frnatice she was panting osmething was up
Whats wrong? JOrnda askeds as seh grabed her keys adn andliscens
He's back and its jsut me and Oliva home. He ahd beomce the ganrica term they used for Lindseys father. THey had deammed hum unwrothey of haveing a real name
Im coming stay on the line with me. Jorndne jmped into her car and sped out of her naberhood.
What hpapend?
I dont know he jsut showed up im sure he is drunk and started paining on the door when i woudnt tlet ihm in he got nagree i sent olive to go hid i dont wnat....
Im coming donw owrry il be ther Jorans words wore smother by ablood curtiling screma that cnm formt he other line
Lindsey Linsds THe last thin g Jornd herd was Lindsey fomsrmning thne the line went dead. Jornda dropeed the phone and put the speed on as her speed toped well over 60 down the abandend back rodes Jornda edrenlin begna to rtush

Jordna pulled into the nabords drive way and walked over to Lindsys hosue the fornt door houd bene kidked in and now was swung open. Jordna oculd her screming comeing form the back room of the hosue ans she tunred the ocrner. she cought osemithng in her preful vision it was olive seh was lating on the grund.
Olive olive jordna wisperd as she chekced for a pulse
Jordna olive siad as she orled over nad grapeed the girl aroudn the neck
Lisnte to me cna you walk? Olive shookc her head yes
MY car s in you;re nabers drive way you go voe ther lock the dorrs the only reosn you will unlick theos doors is for you;re sisre or me for no other reson will you get out of that car you understn ? Oliva nodded andjornd ahanded her the keys
Jordan could still her the screaming comeing fomr the bkac room as she walked she could see drops of blood on the floor a fist makr in the was and scuff makrs alone the walls and flors. With ever step her adrenil rose. Her heart rced and the screams becmae louder. THe door was ckraked unuf for Jordna to see into the tom she sawth e bkac of a man and a lindse fase has his fist am doen on her her fasede was no longer hers as she was barly regnisalbe fomrth ebrusoing an d welling that now over wlemed her/ JHornda dinst hesit tat jordan dint think she ran throgh the cracked foor and body slammed Him agenst the wall as he slip down the wal jordn bounced of. Lindsw was crumbled up on the bed there were slash makr on her arms and blood comeing fmor ehr face.
Linds Lindsy Linds barly mubmled a hum.
Lindsy Lindsy .
I otld you i was ocmeing
Jornda oculd her the gurmbling of him beinhd her and could tlel he was beign o stand
Listen i know this is going ot b e hard but i need you to try and amke it to my car it s in ur nabors drive way
No no im not going to leave you
PLease Lindsy do this for me
Lisey please
OK, Lindasy stumbled up and walked as if she hadmore alcohol thne any one could possible consum Jordan could tell she was stumbling donw the hlal way but she herd the front fdoor open so she new that lindsy was safe for now. Jordan tunred and jsut as she spoted him her face cought the edge of his left hook
Uou are a little he mumerd the rest Jordna foudn her self on the ground and jsut as he was apout to step on her she rolled to the left as he lsot his balince
look im not looking for a fight Jordan words wore usles as he stamerd back to his feat and took another swing at her this time she retunr it with one solid punch to the kidney, it angerd him he slammed jordan agenst the walll into a mero that crush agnest ehr back
I dont like it when people dont play nice his slerd words came out jordna ducked beeneth another punch adn turned around him he swiftly doged a punch she was dielrding smsashing her ahand into the now blorken merer she felt no pain though as her hole boddy felt the edrenlin serging her. Jordan took one nicle placed kick and he tumbled to the ground jordna new this might be her only chance as she stager down the halw way to the door but she herd the heave foot steps behind ehr and trunred to meat the decvil him self who ahd picked up a bat and took one hard blow to jordna s kneee. Befor she new what was happend she was on the groun nad he had jumped ontop of her she felt a sharp stap to her stomic
You're all alike.... he said horsley with a mosk of bear and wiskey on his breath... Ill teahc toy ut he smae lest i taught her. He brought his face in close to her and seh took one good lung of her head forword. She had nocked of his balnice and squrmed her self out for under neth him as eh was rising jornd otook on last good kick and he laid on the ground motinless. Jornad amitly brought a hadn to jhis nekc one tht she now sough was bloode stained to hcek that his ouldse was thstill there. Jornda mind rusheed and thne she remberd Lindsy nad olive jornda raced out fo the house but ehr right leg jsut woudnt move the way shee need it to. As she approched her car she could see that tew girls olive pwoling adn linds holding ehr in her arms.........................