Monday, April 30, 2007

Heartful words

Herfu lwords is a knife ddinging into your skin
Some words a re prcikes htat wil lsoon be forgtoen
Othre lecve amerk
Some dig deep to drow blood
And sitll other leve massive hols that wont ever heal
Words is knife diging into yor skin
THer is nothign you cna to sotp them as thay are dug deep and deep in to you
There is nothing you cna do to privent them form coming at you
YOu stand not knwing waht to do
It bernsit killes
who are you to turn to?
Who will even caare?
It sems the long thay stay the word thay hert nad son you have to pull it out let um loose
THere will always be a scare were thay have fdug into you
THayt will not soon be forgoten
You ppick up aned begin agen were you letf of
THe tendernes wil stay for a wilel the owrds stll ringign in your ears
THen the scare will oce a constien remnder waht ahs happend to yo
Harsh words is aknoife diging to your skin


Anger is a car crash
It often herts thos you love and care for
IT;s distructiion has grateness or minimal
The aapn can kill or sitng
The decistation can sometimes be unfathenable
It ehrts thos you love and care for with out even klnowing
It sometimes is ncontrolable nad yo uneve know whaen it willhapen if ever
It's nt getnl liekthe prease or sft liek new fallon snow
It's pain it's hert hes devistaion
Ange nver ses to stop
IT mnever is a wind it is a storm
It's apnful it;s angwish it is kills
It wil some tiem end but the scares are left the pain willn ot be fogten
Anger is a car crash

Saturday, April 28, 2007

fear, scared

I'm scared
yeah im scared alot that im going to hert her. Oh some mena times i've been scared i've hert here ibvet i alread have, but icnat let it stop me. I cnat let me being scared not tell her the trusth.I'f i levt fear stop me she wont know how asum she is and how pople lye to her all the time aoubt who she is cosue she insten anytihng thay say she is she is who GOd made her and he cna alone diffine her. DOsnmet she know how asum she is it's so werd to her thos things she says aoub her slef who ever taght her thos things is so wrong. She is made in His image and he is not stupid or dumb nor is she. I wish she coud see. But should ilet fear stop me form tlelign her that no should ilet me thinking ill scrowit uip stop me no but oh im scared of it im so scared ill mess it up im scared ill scrow it up nad oh i dont know i cnat let it stop me i jsut cnat let it

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm scared

I'm scared
THis firend ship mesna alot to me
Shes the best frined ive ever had besides God
Ahe's got a peace of my heart of got a oeasce fo hers
She says she trust me and cars aobut me but she dosent knwo waht thos werds tdo to me
thay scare me to death

I'm scared im gang hert her
Im scared im gana make her cry
I'm scared im going to mess this friendship up
I fdont want to make her cry
I dont want to hert her
I dont mess this up
But im scared tonight

She menas a hol lot to me more thne she knows
She dosnet ehrt me and i trust ehr
Im scared shell spill my secrets i trust ehr
Im not scared shell hert em she told me she wodent
But im scared

Im scared im gana hert ehr
Im scared im gan make her cryi dont wnat ot mess tihs up
im scared im gang mess this up
i dont wnat ot mka eher cry
i odnt make her hert
i dont want to mes this up
Im so scared tonight
what am ito do?

Monday, April 23, 2007

dont kyou know

Do you knwo what i tihnk of you
Do you not knwo waht he thinks of you
cOSue it seems to me that your blind to thes things
He loves and so do i
I knwo life sintk
I know it herts
I knwo ou go through alot
But im always here and so isd He
LEen on me leen on him
I am her no mater waht
He has alsywas been there and always will be
I car eaoubt oyu
ADN he cares even more
DOnt kno w these things
ONe to the right one to the left
Both of us are here for you
He cares aobut you so uch your his chiled
I care aobut you your the best frined ive ever ahd
DO you know >?

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I never even know
I woudent ahve nown ifmyou hadent have told me
A late night conversatoin.
Who would have now i would lern so much aoubt oyu
THe things you siad i could realat
Yeah from diffrent pople we felll diffrent things
Yeha we both now life is hard
But what i siad is true
He loves you
This world will one day be gone
Let your etenal life be it
Thers a reson thos things didnt happen to you
THeres a reson God dint let that happpie
Your hand was on the side of the cliff
You let go
You were caght
He cought you not yet he told you
THeres a reson for it all
TRust in him
He loves you

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

what do you wnat

You say you wnat tlkanely i ask
You say i jsut say ok and hope thay dont ceep asking
You say thos things but what do yu mena
Do you wnat me to ask?
Doo you wnat me to dig?
sHoud i jsut leve you be?
Should iI sut stop asking?
I dot knwo what i sohuld do
I odnt knwo aht you wnat me to do
I dont knwo if im oding it wirgh?
Do oyou wnat me to ask?
Or do you jsut want me to leve you br
I wnat ot be a friend to you
I want to hlep you weh nyou need it
I wnat to let you know i care
aDni wnat you yoto know ill be there
II wnat tyou to know my grip tight
MY grip is ferm
MY hnad wont slip
I cna give you strangth
But is that what you want?

Sunday, April 15, 2007


She's runing awya form me
but I'm ok with that
THis life is geting to hard forher so she disced to run
But thats ok becouse

Sh's running into hs open arms
He's cechinga ll of hher tears as the falll down like rain
He's telling her it;s all gaana be ok it's all gana be ok
She's riuning to him

When life got to hard hse us to runn to no one
she ust to run were no ne could cech her tears
No one new her pain
N one new how bad it hert but know

She's runing into his pen arms
He's cecheing all of her ters as the fall down like raning
Adn he's telling her it;s all gana be ok it's all gana be ok
She's running to him

She found hm in a dustey old corner
He was holding out is arms waiting for her
He told her I'll lisne to you tlka
I'll listen to wahts wrong
Illl care about you

She's lerning to run into his open armes
She's lerning he'll cehc all her tesrs as the fall down like ran
Ah's hearing him say it;s all gang bo ok it;s all gana be ok
She's lerning to run to him

THis life is just to hard
THe berdon it herts to much
She's discided to run
She runing to him

She's runing into his open arms
He's cething all of her tesrs as the fall down like rain
He's rtelling her it's all gana be ok it's all gnag be ok

Sh's run to Jesus open arms
He's cheing all of her tears as the fall down like
He's telling her it's all gan be ok it;s all gana be ok
She runing to Jesus

Sunday, April 8, 2007


I dont know what im sopos to do
i fell like you dont want me
i dont want to introud
but i dont want to hert you

Im not sure if waht im doing is wright
I dont know aht im sopos to do
I dont know what im sopos to do

I fel like ialways meess yo
I feel like i do notihng wright
I dot wan to mess this one up

I care aobut you to much to mess it up
I dont wnat o hert you
I relay dont want to mess this up its so nivce and good

I dont knwo waht to d o
I'm in a despret stat
Wherre am i sopos to turn what am i sopos to do

I dont know waht to to do
THis is to hard
Ill jsut het some one why do i even try

I guess icould jsut leve you be
I ould make life easer for you
I truly dont know aht to do

Im in a pesprt stat
I dont know waht to d o
THis is to confusing for me

Saturday, April 7, 2007


You some home today, and I don't know how fell about it. I mean I want you back don't even dot that. I relay want you home today i have waited all week for this adn this is the happiest i've been all week, but is it selfish of me to want you back so soon. I mena i want you back, but is it the best thing for you? I mean is it better for you to be gone or for you to be here? rleay dont know. I mean there are so mena things her that you could go with out. There are so mena hard things here that you could esely do with out. I wnat tot lwka to you and ask oyu how you've been it's hard with out ypu around, but is that whats best for you. Is it relay best for you to come back. I don't knwo if it is or isn't. I wnat whats best for you, i want what will be best for you and is that comeing back. Is that the best thing for you to ocme bakc or would it be better to stay away i relly dont know if it is. is it best for you to come back?

Friday, April 6, 2007


why does life have to bew so heard?
Why do i always have to mess up?
Why do i have to make tihngs always wores?
This life is to hard
Why do i have to be me?
Why do i have to dealw ith this all?
Whay aren't you here?
THis life is jst to hard
Why can't i be perfect?
Why can't I do tihngs wright?
Why cant i be free ofa ll these things?
THis life is geting way to hard
Why cant i jsut fly away?
Why dosent any one care?
Why do i have to be me?
THis life is wiked to hard?
I hate how things hare
I hate how hard thay are
I hate how things go
I don't knwo if icna dela with how hard tihs is
I wish i was some one els
I wish i could be free
I wish oyu were around to tlak to me
THis is so stinken hard
I wnat to be free
I want not to be me
I want a perfect life
I dont know if i can deal with how hrd this is any more
I know i have to hang on
I know ill never be free
I know this is me
THis life is wiked hard
But aparently thats me

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

will you go with me

I'm going to run, will you go with me
I'm read to jump, will you go with me
I'm stiken tired of this liefe, what aobut you?
It realy just stinks and your gone now who am i to talk to ?
I'm jsut tired of being lied to hoew aoubt you?
I'm tired of being hert how aoubt you?
I'm tierd of being let down, whata aobut you?
I realy don't like tihs your not here who can i tlak to ?
I'm tired of being me, how aobut you?
I'm tired of all of this, how aoubt you?
I'm jsut tired of life, what aobut you?
It's hard being me and i realy want to let go
No ones her to stop me no one even cares
No one even lisens and popeple jsut like lyeing to me
Why does tihs happen?
Why nca 't i have the perfect life like ever one els?
Why does this alwyas have to hert?
Why wen it ehrts it fells like no ones around?
No has even talk to me adn asked me how I'm doing?
don't thay know it herts.
Why me?
why cna't t all jsut stop herting ?
why nca t it all jsut be perfect? like ever one els

Monday, April 2, 2007

Rain day

THer rain falls agne to day
As let it hit my face as i ride down he obike i wich rain would wape memores i hate form me.
I want it to stop alll this madnis
I wnt it to just stop all tyhr pasin
I wnat it to bring you back
I wnat to see you a week is way to long to waist I've only laast 3 days istill 4 more to go oh it hert's> i cnat tlka to you agen, i realy wnat to. I rleay miss you i guess the rain makes me fell like this. THe rain make sme miss oyu more. It makes me thinkg of you ride through pudle and have wader sprade up on your las thats hwat you to le me you like isn't it? Oh the rain mkaes it hert wores it makes me miss you more. I miss you so much Why does the rain have to hert. THe rain is the tears i dont let fall there are so mean it herts me to her the rai nadn see it becosue i miss you and all it does is remind me of you.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Peace of my Hert

You have a peace of my heart
Yes you I know it's shocking to hear this and i iknkow you might not boleve this but i's true. When i took your hand that day adn i told i would be there for you no matter what happens adn you said the same to me you got a peace of my heart a pace of my life. You have a choce thought you can take that peace of my heart adn slowly breack it wth your words you thoughts, your actoins, in turn breacking me. YOu cna tkae that peace nad breakc me if so it;s my falt for trusting tyou. YOu could take that peace and hold it close to your heart and tell me ever day you care you could take care of that peace of me heart and not hert you could buled me up with you words, your thoughts, you actions, if so im glade i trust you for that peace. Or you ocule let go of that peace of me adn tell me im to much to handl. I could give you the peace of my heart and you could juet let go and not even care. See but that would be my falt for thinkging tyu could handle me.

YOu have a peace of my heart it's you choece what oyu do with it it's eatheme mistk regrate or thnaks for giveing you that peace.