Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Im intimidating
Im intimdating?
Wat what?
why me?
When did i become intimidating?
Im not over ley smart
or overly strong
I cant et straight A
I cnat life 1,000 pounds
Me intimidaitng how?
You're looks
the ones i readwith that i intimidate thie
ME littlold me
Well yes i read you're looks
I'm not always write
Well yes i try
Well no not always
I me?
How cna this be?
I'm that scarey
I intimadet
wHy me?
I never ment to
I never tryed to lear to read yo're looks.
I never evne tred to do this
I never took a clas or sat for houres waching others
I jsut i jsut picked it up
IT's intimidating
It scares you
I scare yo me?
I am no one
I ma not a perons who is even important
I a not overly smar
Or overly strong
SO how did i become so intimidating?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sorry KAte

I realy should be working on a spresint for my best frined wright now (sorry kate) But i was thinking and i came up with someinthg well i oshudnt tkae the credit im sure the big Man up in heaven wanted me to have the ides so realy more acuritly it's THe Big Man in the sky put an idea into my head so im writieng it so i dont forget

For thos of you who have read the Bible this is in all for of the frist books of the Bible and is udner JEsus Feeds the 5,000. For thos of you who ahvent ever read this befro her is a linkhttp ://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John%206:1-15;&version=31; ( fell like in the gospal of john it is writen in grater detal bt ahy thats jsut me) So any way JEsus it talking ot this group of 5,000 well actul not realy that was only the men so lets say ther is a woman for ever man thats 10,000 adn then lets say for ever man and woman ther is one child so that is 15,000. Ok so that isn't like a Biblvcle exact number or anytihng but lets just be safer and say 10,000 count men wemon and Children cool with ever one? SO any way JEsus is talking to this group. So the dsipils are rlealing it;'s getting late and they are geting hungrey and so JEsus says to Philip and is like ware are we going to get food for all thes peopl. Adn philip being praticle is like i have no idea it would take a mouths pay to feed them all he sound like apritty retional dude. Mean while this little kid is standing by and he hears the older mean tlaking and so he goes to Andrew another of JEsus Dispciel and i jsut pictuer this a kid half andrews size saying i have some food take all of it and share it with thes people. So andrws i tihnk boleveing more in Jesus thne Philip says hay we have 5 loves of bread and 2 fish. So you know how it end Jesus brakres and blesing nit and it multibley snad ther is left over and unuf for the kid to bring home 12 baskcits of the bread

Some of you are lke oh cool so what are you getting at ehr is what im getting at. This little kid brought everithing he had to JEsus adn said her have it. Jesus to it he uses it he multibled it he made it better adn the blesed th elittle kid with it by givieng him more food back. What im gettitng at is isnt it the same way with us. God wants us to give our self fully to Him. He wasnts us to give Him our hole life all our gifta all our talints everithng we have give it to Him and God wants to use it. You can speek grate let me mkae youy a ikwed speker and thne im going ot blessing you with speking what i want you to. YOu're a leader grate im goingot amke you a rocking ausm leader and thne im goign to gie you the abilty to help others. God wants to take our life and he wasnt to use it and then say hay im going to bless you. One thing you have to realy get though is some of us arnt goingot be blessed write now some of us wont resev that blessing this ber mint. When we get to heavon one day and God says good jub my good and fathful servewnt that will be our only blessing but that blessign will be better thne any. And others will reseve a blessing that that God will say now lets do the same thing you give to me i use it and ill bless you agen.

The other thing is this only workd if we give it all to God. What if the little kid was like no my food you cnat have it all what aobut me. God wanted that kid to give up everithng he had and let the offering be na over flow of His heart. In the smae way itinhk He wants us to do the same thing. HE wants us to give our hole self to Him and let it be an over flow of our heart. IS the fun nope is it easy? Mope. Is it the funest thing you'll ever do? Nope. But it is best. IT is the best thing for you. I know it;s heard to give God all the control couse it;s heard to trsut HIm someties especil when life is heard, but it is the best thing for us.

I guess what im getting at is ware are you write now. Are you like the little Kid saying take it all. Are yo like PHilip and like um we dont have the mony and you jsut kind dont get it or are you in the midle and cant seem togive it all to God. Whare are you?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

NIm good at nthnig but one thing
I seced at nothign alway exept one thing
My intest are never to acheve
But someon howi alwas stumble across acheving
My hope is never to do but some now ialwy do it
I never want to
but i do

N matte rhow hard itry to fight
THe sicses alway ungolds me
Always pules me into misery
It always has to win
It always has to be wright
IT alway siced

No matter what i do
I alwy and alway will
No matter how hard itry
I alwas do and always will

And tongiht i will bat my slef
I willl batle mysife form the inside
And try to deffet me
But no matter how hard i try '
I will always hurt you