Monday, January 28, 2008

ther is so mcuh i cna say to you. THere is so mean tiynth ing i wnat to say but idont. I waotn to anexploe adn te lyou mabety the trreson i forgto to day is tha ti ahve so much going on. I stop ever day ot lisne too yu tlka and i try ever day to be ther for you. I push all my heart adn paion aside and i let go of it all. And it;s coemign bakc now. Cosue the trith is im ding inisde the truth is i have os much goingon wright now that i jstu dont wantto dela with it all and hte only roensi enve stay aourtrend is cosue i alred hurt you unuf i know that ful well why souhldi hurt you mroe. Truth is im lflaing apaort and no one is ther to pick up the poicece cosue the poel wo are sopos to care aobut arnt ther to care. Cosue you knwo waht i ware that mask all the itme i ghide waht is relay goingon friom aever one how muhsi have tlife how mcuh this and that. THe tuth is the repsjnio it mse likeim psuign hoyu ais is cosue i nkwo you;l ask and i dont wnat ot tlakobut aoubt it. THe truth is that i cnat stand it any mroe. YOu tihn no noe cares aobuty ou you have teahcer replingot e-mial aa dfirned hwo says they woudl bgiv enayitnhg and everinthg to makte you happie. I have takend so long to car eaoubt you thne i left my self out in the cold. I do to my slef what ever one els does to me. I push my esldef a side and the turth is i dont wantt o dlea with me im tired of em me is jsut soem mesed up likfetle 5 earodl who dosnt undesrnt life wheo dostn get it at all the tuhth is i wnat to be a undesntit 15 ear l who knowwaht to do bt im not im some sturingle litle hlepless 5 yearod wois jsut strating to udnenstr . Im lef tout in the cold no jacked no onoeitnhg and i;ve bnen serving out ther for so long but my deoat are flaing of adn my finger i ncat fell nad i dontknw what to do any mroe.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A nother knife to thehart
a nother im not good unuf
What am i sops to do when im bledding out
What am i sops to do when no one ther to fix it
You're th eonyl one htat ca so easly make me cry
A nother stap to my heart that ill jsut ahve to close up and brittend it;s noth thare
COuse i dont want you to hurt
I dont want you to bleed
Coiuse i ahve made unufe scres i you;re ahrt
You are a grate frined
so who am i to say any difnfret ocuseit woudnt be true
But em that iaisindt sotry
gues sim not afrined
guess liek with everone les im not gogdunf for you
Guess im realy not a frined to oyu
Cuesssim blind in my thinking
Guess i realy am liek them
I gues to you i dont care
Guess geting in trouble adn getling less sleep pthen idneed isnt good unuf
Guess risking geting yelled ay agne wanst ever good unfu foryou
Just liek evoner one els I'm not good unfe for you

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You're the onlyone

You're the onyl itnhg that cna hHurt me more then anything
No matter how hard i rry you stil kil me inside
when i let you down i want to die
When i get you mad
it gets real bad
yeahi hate geintg you mad
cosue man it;s so bad
but i do it so often
i barly forgten
it;s semes like all i do
why does that have to be so true
WHy do iahve to let you dwon
IT fesll liekim dgone drowned
Wil lsome one please pick me up
CSUe im lefter ehr and i dont ahve hany strangtth left
IM read to fall and flal realy aherd
Will someone comes come adn pic me up
Cosue it;s hard alway leting you donw
and it's ahrd always messin it up
and its ahrd not gbeign ablet oget thorugh a day with out tickin you of
and it;s ahrd knowing it;s always my falt

Thursday, January 3, 2008

it would be so easey for oyu to roiplace me. I fell like all iever do is mess up and all i cna do is that and i fell like im jsuta nother perosn who's in the way. Im always in the way i always say the worng thing i naever say the wright. I rtry to hard i try to nencourge you try to make oyu hpapie but it;s never good unuf im never good unuf. I always fial i always fall i was hurt you. Why cna i do better? Why cna t i understand? why do i so oftne mess up and hurt you? I wish ocusle do more i wuish i could amek oyu happie i wishi oculd sohw you hwo irealy do care. I msut not be sohwing it cosuei;ve rtryed hear hard to please you ahrd to show you hard to prove yto you hive tried jard to be good unuf. I never wil tohugh. Ill never be good unuf. Im always hgoingto mes sup im always going to fial im always goign to not undensrt im not smart unuf. Why do i always seem to be wrong? why cna ti ever fd it wright? yiu dont expect to much, i jsut give to little. THe old fraz is true it; no you it;s em but this isnt a brkae up ling that rings so untrue for me it;s aline that ahs so mcuh truth so much wisdom it isnt you you never asked for to much oyu never shoot for to high you never wanted to be dispionted oyu were always wright you never were wrong . It's me not binge able to do what sohuld be done it;s me not being able to. I ncat give unuf imn not conmpident in the lest sned of the word im in compident in the strongest snes. It's not you, it;s me who messi it up its me who hurts you it;s me not you

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Risk it all

I will risk everinthg for you
I will risk it all
Anthing ill risk it for you

Buti dont wnat you to
YOu cant risk it all for me, dont
you have it hard unuf
dont risk it for me

you got unuf to dlae with
you have unuf to handle
likfe is already ahrd for you
dont risk it all for me

You're alread perfect to me
you're alred more theni could ever ask for
you are the bestf rined i;ve everahd
you dont need to risk it all

YOu alred give so much
You take so mcuh time fro me
you give me so much
dont rsik it all

I will give you everthing
Ill rtisk it all
Ill tkae it all for you
jsut dfont risk it for me

Ifi oculdi woudl tkae that pain
If i could i would takte all that yelling for you
I would tkae thos tears
i owuld tkae thos night, i'de take it all

I want to give oyu the world
I wnat to give oyu all i have
I want to give you evethign
I wnt to igve you it alll

i woudl risk it all for you
I have risked it al lfor you
I dont care the consiquencs for me
But dont risk it al lfor em couseim not worth it