Friday, March 19, 2010

IF you knew what i ahve been though
Your tune woudl change
If you knew waht i have felt
YOu tune would change
If you knew waht i ahve seen
Your tune owuld change
If you know what i have heard
YOu tune would change
If you know me
YOur tune owuld change
But know nothing
You do not know me
YOu see me in the light
But not in thesering darkness of night
YOu see my in groups
But oyus e eme not alone
You see me in happenis
But you see me not in pain
If you knoew
Your tune woudl change

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Intro :
Three novlas: The Joy luck Club- Amy Tan
The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
Looking for Alaska- John Green
Subject Ill be using for the easy
An-mei Hsu
Occasions: Promted each writer
PArints were imigrante witchw as the larger occasion. The immeda occasion though was her trip to china with her mothere.
For John Green the larger occaiosn was like Tan the exparins beignt he same as his charicters He like milles didi livein Florida and went to a Borading school in Alabama. The immeadat occasion tough was his work at a Children’s Hospital.
The larger occastion for Khaled Hossein is him experinse almost the same sitation as his charter Amir. The immead occasiotn though is going back to his homeland/
Autheres: Alll of thease autheres have experienced completely opposite things different time peoids different situations and completely different novals. Yet each one of thease autheres shows a noval with charters wanting to turn there back on the past and forget what has happened
Thesis: In all three novels, The Joy Luck Club, Looking for Alaska, and The Kite Runner. The author gives one or more charters in the novel a past that they wish not to remember or relive and so they shove it away as a way to deal with it.
P 1: The Joy Luck Club
Ts: In the Joy Luck Club the charter An-mei Hsu chooses and is semi forced to forget her past.
Quot 1: “When I was a young girl in Chine, my grandmother told me my mother was a ghost”(42). This is her grandmother alsmot telling her to forget her mothere
Quot 2: “I knew Popo wanted me to forget my mothere on purpose, and this is how I came to rember nothing of her”(42).
Ex 1: She movies to Amarica and escapes her past and all the hurt that waent with it.
EX 2:When Bing died she forgot her faith. The continuation of her insteld forgetting follows her all the way to Amarica and how she deals with the hurt.
Speaker” An-Hsu
Tone: Hurt
Clincher: An-Hsu turns her back to a world that hurt her and coause her pain with ther first instanced of forced forgetting to her als inconter off it with the losose of her sone An- Hsue uses forgetting to cop with her hurt

TS: Just like in the Joy Luck Clup Amir in The Kite Runner uses forgetting as a way to cop with the pain and gilt her felt as a child leacing Hamer in the allie.
Quot 1: “I bit at my fist. Shut my eyes”(72). This is his first isntes of forgetign the act of turning his back so he dose not have to rember.
Quot 2: “And that is the closes me and Hassan ever came to discussing what has hpapend in that ally”(78). He never talked aobut he he shoes to never speak it to forget it as if it wold not be real if it was never said.
Ex1: He nere menchend the insidend to any one till he was much much older. He was trying to gfroget trying to leace it all behind
Ex 2: even though he had Family in Pakistna he never wnt bback. He wanted to stay as far away to forget everthing and anything that hpapend in Pakistan.
Speaker Amir
Tone: Angrey at himself.
CL;incher. In The Kiter Runner Amir tied to find a way to forget his past and the pain and gult her felt with it by never speking it and closeoing heis eyes to it leartly and in a figurative maner.

TS: Like Amir Alask In Looking for Alaska tried to forget what she ahd done and what she saw as her falt.
Quot 1: “ Yeah I wasa alittle kid little kidas can diel 911”(118). This shows how alska wish to forget but she enver truly has the abilty to forget. She holds a grude agenst her se;f.
Quot2:””Why didn’t you ever tell me?”…. “It never came up”(120). This shows aslaks trying to forget the pain the hurt by not talking just like Amir if it wants talked aobut it didn’t happe.
Ex: Alaska never spoke aobut the sinsident untily she was very very drunk she wanted to forget the pain and guilt vbut she never could escap iot.
Ex: Alask drawned her pain in the drinking she did it was a nother method to her of tring to forget.
Speakcer: Pudge
Tone: Serching for ansers
Clincher: In Looking for Alaska tryes to make it so she dosnt have to rember what hpapend to her mom what she feals she didi to her mom. Alaska like Amire hold a s burdona burodn of guilt that she wish to forget.

THieses: In all three novels, The Joy Luck Club, Looking for Alaska, and The Kite Runner. The author gives one or more charters in the novel a past that they wish not to remember or relive and so they shove it away as a way to deal with it.
Puirpose: Its human anateure for people to want to forget what hurts in all three of thease novals the charter is looking for some way to make it not hurt, but in all thre novals the authere wether it be Tan, Hossien or even Green protrats someone who is looking to forget butalways sems to rember. The authere is almost tells the readerthat the past is to important to forget and tyou never can forget it.
ASudince. In all three of thiease nocal the authere is speking to the purson who want tos to frget wether it be an imigraten, a bad fribned, or even jsuta teenage girl.
KLast seentince: In all the noval: The Joy Luck Club, The Kite Runner, or Looking for Alaska the auther portras charter who wish to forget the past that amdie thenm and the things that shppeappedn them. But as each noval shows the past has a way of finding them. All three books show the past makes the charters. The charictors don’t make that past.

Monday, January 11, 2010

You know why i tlel people not to appoligis. Couase it dosnt matter. THey will do the exact soemthing to me tommarow. SO why why sohuld they apoligs wahts the piont if youre jsut goignot do it agne tomamrow does that relay mean there truly sorry? People appoligis but can they relay mena it wehn day after day they do the same thing to me? Oh and pet peve dani i sitll love you like im the one who did soemtihng wrong. Like crap you still love me dont give my that you dont care aoubt me you dont love me. YOu treat me like crap like dirt like the skum of the earth and thne you aks me how are you soopst o trust me? I go though th same thing ever single day with you. HAy cani can you help me with osmeinth sure what is is you rtlel me your problum thne no matte rhwat i say its wrong. YOu get pissie. THne i get pissed ocuse im tired of all this friken crap. thne dani isitll love you.
Dont tle me you lvoe me
Dont tell me sorry
Dont tlel me you care
Beocues you ont
I see it in ur eyes
YOu dont look out for me
YOu dont carea obut me
YOu lvoe not waht i am
But what you maid me
You only look out for oyu
Adn i am in the cold
THe rian poring donw on me
COisue im always holding the unbral for soemone els
And you have ripped it fomr my hands
So i slowly die aorund you
And all oyu can say is
I have done wrong
THne you care
aDns till love me
You never loved me
YOu never cares aoubt me
OYu cared aoubt you
Adn you loved waht yoi maid me
Not who i am
So stop appoligs
Stop fakeing caring
ADn stop loving the fake
Beocuse i know the truth