Wednesday, April 23, 2008


We all live it we all know it this is waht we live day in and day out life. I have made a voew to my self when i am old i want to look back on my life and be able to be proud of it, i dont wantto look back and regret alot of it. I think the only way i cna do that is by liveing for God. I dont want my life to be worthles i dont know how mcuh itme i have i dont ever know and i dont wantto regret it at all. I have people all around me that set a good example.

my life
it;s all i got
i iwl live it for you
or i iwll live it for God
I'm not going to give it for somethin litte
I'm goignot give it all to God
I;m not goignto let you tell me
I'm not goingot let oyu ahvce my life
I'm givieng it to God
I'm oggn to live it His way
sO give me brake
I wont always be perfect
I wont alwas do everthing write
I'm triyng im trin realy ahrd
Jsut kech me a brake
Let me chile
Don tel me im perfect
Dont try to see me that way
I'm everthing but that
Give me a brake
And give me chance
stop judging em
stop huting em
and stop cutitn me donw
THis is mt life
and im livin it for Him