Friday, March 30, 2007


sHe leves tommarow. Only for a week but it still killes froa week i wont se eher smile or see her lagh. WOnt get to see tat parkil int her eye o r have her say "NO whast your idea . Iwont ahve there to say will you come jsut for me. Oh how she ahs saved me so mean times from jsut staying in bed adn not leting the day come alone. sHe has siad will come jsut ofr me cous she would be there i would. But she wnt be her tihs week. She wont be there to tell em good job or risher me i idndt fine on tihs or that. Oh it killed me to tell her GO dont owre ksut go you'll be fine. I dont want yu to byut i know i have to let you go and srtust in oyou that you'll come back. DOsent she know how mcuh it;s herfding me to let her go of no she dosnt know. She dosnt know ow hard it will be on me. I wotn to let her nknow but no ill let her be. She alread said she didnt want to go so i wont tel lher how bad it wil hhert to know she left i wont tell her how hard it;s for me to let her go i wont tell her ihow i might cry to have to say gooodbye

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