Tuesday, July 3, 2007

sid line

i stnd on thie sid lines washing you0
i see you ther hert and prused
i se eyou alon in the sitwation hert
i see you wishing you wernt there being hert

I jsut wish you would call me in
i jsut wish oyu would tell me ocme in
I wnat you to call out my name tell me you need my help

THen i here your vioce thrwwo the tears
I her you cla mine name
THe sid lines are broken im aloud in I
Step slowly towerd you

You hert and apandedn
the wrods they said just killed you
I Stnad there noyt knwoing what to do when
i here you say i need you

ISti down and remind you yyour noth alone
I tell you who cares aoubt you and waht relly matters I
let you knwo im there and most of all i lisen to you

THere will be days i am no the sidle lines
Iching to come in and savce the day
But you ahveint called my name You havent clald me out

IT's ahrd wehn his se it ahppend and all i can do is stnad there adn clal to you
I try ahrd to enderg you but its ahrd for you to her when your so fare awy
I dont knwo waht to do agenst this beryer

THen youca l lmey anem and say i need you
I dont knw waht t o do or whaat you need form em
I guess lil jsut weing it and hipe i hlep you

Wrights notes: Yewah that was dumb and sutpid adn it;s ameterfor adn it might be ahrd for you to nderstn cosue i itynhk werd so eyah . stupid i knwo

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