Saturday, October 27, 2007

she wonders why ismile ever tiem she does
she wounders why i alag h when seh does
she wounders why rver time she waives i wasve bkac iwth a misle
she woudners why ever ite i lev ei have to say i love you

MAbey it;s cosue she more htn just a frined
She means so mcu more
she is much llcoser
mabey it;s cosue she's like a sister

She knows so mcuh ocuse she dcares
she knows som uch ocuse she lisne
she knows som mcu hcoause she is asmins
she knows so mcu h couse she is her

Alli everwhented was ehr
All i ever wahted was to know thg realy her
ALl i ever wnated was her nothing more
All iever wnated was her with no changes

I ahve to msiel couse hers ins ocntages
I ahve to lagh whe nseh does cosue it;s jsut funny
I smile couse im waving at ehre
I ahve to say ilvoe you so hse knows osme onw alwaysy locves her

I dontknow how she cna put up wityh me
I dontknow what i did to diserv ehr
O dont know why God amede me so luckey
I dont know why he let soemone as aus mas ehrocmein to my life

SHe donst nknow how much i lvoe ehr
She donst know how mchi carea obut ehr
She dosnt knowwhat she emans to me
SHe dosntknwo waht she aahs done for em

THere is so much i oucsl ds ay aobut here
THere is so mcuh ioculd tlel you aoubt ehr
THaere is so mcuh that she is amsing at
THere is so much i oculd say

Who is she
Why do itlkatoso hily of her
COuse she's my best friend

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