Tuesday, February 12, 2008

50th blog and it;'s for you Slikedy

Iwanto gie you it all back
I wanto give you al lthat incourgment bkac
I wnat to see that smill i lvoe
I want to herar you;re laugh cosu i love it
I want you to be happie
Even if it emans me giveing up everinthg
I wnat you to no t hurt any rmoe
Even if i hadt o give everitnhg for it
I awnat you to knw hjow much Daddy loves you
I want Him to jump outf the corrner and rab you in His arms
I wnat you to fell Him cosue I knwo it;s what you ened most
I want to see you happie
Couse i knwo it;s waht you neeed
Couse i knwo it would mean the world to youy
Couse i knwo you need it
I woudl give anything for you to ahve that
IWish you knwo how mcu oyu are cared for
I wish you knew ow much you are lvoed
I wilsh you knew how mean lives you;ve touched
How mean pole you've helped
I wish oyu know that all
And i wish oyu knew how mcuh i lvoe you
Cosue it;s more thne words will say
More thne icna discribe
And thos words means start to fade
Even if my love dosnt
I love you, I jsutw ish you knew how mcuh

1 comment:

KC said...

you pretty much just made slick cry.