Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Peace of my Hert

You have a peace of my heart
Yes you I know it's shocking to hear this and i iknkow you might not boleve this but i's true. When i took your hand that day adn i told i would be there for you no matter what happens adn you said the same to me you got a peace of my heart a pace of my life. You have a choce thought you can take that peace of my heart adn slowly breack it wth your words you thoughts, your actoins, in turn breacking me. YOu cna tkae that peace nad breakc me if so it;s my falt for trusting tyou. YOu could take that peace and hold it close to your heart and tell me ever day you care you could take care of that peace of me heart and not hert you could buled me up with you words, your thoughts, you actions, if so im glade i trust you for that peace. Or you ocule let go of that peace of me adn tell me im to much to handl. I could give you the peace of my heart and you could juet let go and not even care. See but that would be my falt for thinkging tyu could handle me.

YOu have a peace of my heart it's you choece what oyu do with it it's eatheme mistk regrate or thnaks for giveing you that peace.

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