Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Um rym poam lame thing

Girl wants to give up
Wants to knwo why her lifes so messed up
She wants to stop the pain
She just dosnt knwo how to gain

A friends out
With any dout
Never sadi goodby
Never agfen would she here her say hi
Litly did she know hoe much her friend cryed

When she was younger it want a problujm
Never it just trouple some
NEver knwo how much it would efect her
Never knwo it would be such a problum

Girl heard the words she never feard
Didnt knwo thay were so near
Foudn out why she was so Diffrent
Now shw wish she was ablivent

THere so lost
Why cant thay see
What was put ata grate cost
On that tree

THay cant see him
It's hard to boleve in him
He loves them
Why cant thay just let him in