Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Um ever ware

Um ever ware

What happnes when the place your sopost to bolong you dont?
couse you know your diffretn form everone
No even knows thoguh all thay think is you normal like them
Little do thay know your not
You walk by thme ever dat and knwo ther nothign like you
Nut thay dont knw that
THa ydont knwo the reson you cant speack wrght sometiems
THay dontknwo the rson words go faster in your head then thay come out
THay dont knwo waht it;s like to flip number sna dletters
'Or why you stuter
THasy dontk ow wahty ever time you strugle to get a simple ocnsept
Otr mare s simple things
THat dontknwo the pain
THat dont knwo ther ert
All thay see is the simpl you
They dontk now the sad songs yo;ve writen ouse you hert so bad
Ir home mean times you did someithng till you were so tired you codnettihnk
Or hoee mwenas boockes ahve be through acros the reoom time after tie fcosue tuor frustrated adn confused
THat dontknwo the strugle
Thay jsut dont
THay cnat relay
Why would thay wont to?
Why would you want them toknwo the pain couse that would mena thave been through it?
THay dont know
How mena times you;ve cryd your self to sleep
Or how mena tims you;ve Cryed out to God with a despret plead
THat dot know how mena times there words killed you
THat dontknw that you alread beat tyour slef up thay dont need your help
Yeah thayt dontknwo?
But then agen why woudl you wnate them to couse it would bmena thayev been thought it to ?
So thay heenve been though you dont want thmto
So the only ihng to sy is
THay dontknwo waht you go through

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