Sunday, May 3, 2009

My words are meaning less
I am meaning lesss
I sit there
no one cares
I do nothng
I am notitnhgh
My name wasnt said once
Im the lackey
All im there foris to make copieys
All i do with frined
Is amke thme angree
I hurt thme
Why dont i jsut kill me
Ill kill my self
adn you iwl lala be all wright
if ido no one will cry
you will alla get over find somen one els
the copy machin wont miss me
MY friends wont miss me
my famly wont miss me
the tearshes who ahve to deal with me wont miss me
there will be an open spot thonig more
Il lbe gone
nottihng more
It woudnt matter
alll i do is make copys
All i do is hurt peooeple
All i do is mkae mpeople want to leabve
Well ill mkae the choice ieasy why donti loveave
Il llevt you be
If i leave no one will hurt
Seee this is all aobut me
Im not good unuf
Wasnt good unuf for soccer
Wasnt good unuf for the paly
Wasnt good u nuf for ER
Soon i wont be good unuf for leadership
So i could jsut leave
woudnt it akme it easer on all of you ?

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