Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I jsut i dont know
see ithoguh it was the write things
but the look the look in you;re eye
i know i made you hurt
and who am i
ahhhhhh who am i
i hurt you
and it lookled liek i amost made yo cry
i thouht it was the wright thing but now i see
wh onyt you jsut hate me?
please will you sut hate me thne iould run away thne icoudl die and now one would cry
What a lowsey friend amd i
i made you do someitnhg you didnt want to do
i would hat me
if i was you
and why couse iothugh it was best
man ewho am i
i dnot knwo what best
i am jsut a foool
I act so cool
and play of my mask
oh the mask
i look likei knwo what is best
adn yet who am i
i am such afool
i dont knw waht to do
I play off that im so strong
but wright now iwant to look more doorand spend the day asleep in my room
you want to isolat youres self
i want to to
but im scared of my thoguh
if i jsut keep on movine
i won ahve ot ithnk
if i jsut keep on being buess i wnat have to tkae adrink
What kidna firnd am o
THe kinda that makes oyu wan to sink
the kinda that kema you wnat ot dies
waht kinda frined ma i
i am miserble in all seeesn as a frined who jsut filles you with emtines
oh i cry froy ou
oh i cry for you
you do not diserveiths game
you diserve soeithng so much more tame
some one stabel
soem one mroe able
My God him self kil me
jsut to stop the pain i put you through
LEt Him strick and kill me now
AMbby with rhe flue
with a cari hope its true
jsut kil wme with aknife
i wont put up a fite
Or mabbey kill we with hite
slowly and painfuly if you please
jsut to ttek the pain form thos i've hurt
to help htohs tt i always divert
through meto the curb
PLease jsut dont let thme hurt...

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